Minggu, 30 Januari 2011

Preserving Your Memories Online

In these days of multimedia storage facilities, compiling and maintaining a scrapbook can seem a little old fashioned. Paper is subject to a multitude of attacks as time progresses, and while there are so many of us who enjoy the earthy feel of a book in our hands, there is little doubt that the Internet, and other methods of data communication, such as CDs and DVDs, boast many practicalities that make them the preferential choice for storing our precious memories. But don’t despair – electronic storage devices don’t have to be as heartless as they might at first sound, and for the avid scrapbook user, there are online options that can really capture your creativity.

The Internet is a wonderful way to record and store personal information, as evidenced by the ever-growing popularity of blogs and online scrapbooks. Once the basics have been mastered, it is so easy to record your thoughts and pictures and share them instantaneously with relatives and friends the whole globe over. While scrapbooking in the ‘real’ world might limit your ability to share with those nearest and dearest separated by vast geographical landscapes, with online scrapbooking and blogging, you can share your memories in an instant, no matter when your friends may be.

And online scrapbook making isn’t difficult. While many scrapbook enthusiasts find learning the html code that supports their endeavors to be quite an interesting challenge, those who are less technologically minded can steer clear of this altogether. There are a range of online sites that support scrapbook making, including blogs and friendship sites. Here, you can upload your photographs and tailor your own pages, allowing you to scrapbook with ease in a virtual way.

While online scrapbook making may not involve the same physical creativity that ‘hard copy’ scrapbooking allows, this type of memory keeping most definitely cultivates your creative side. With the ability to choose and adapt templates, alter the ‘skins’ that determine your background colors and themes, your online scrapbook will be as personal as your physical one. Online scrapbooking is most definitely different, but with its ability to capture the essence of its real world counterpart, you certainly won’t want for ways to express your creativity.

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