Kamis, 06 Januari 2011

How to choose a dial up connection !!

Dial up connection is still the most popular way for people to get online. Basic requirements for a dial up connection are a computer with a standard modem, a phone line, an internal or external modem and a dial-up service to connect to.

Though it is the most widely used form of internet connection there are some basic requrirments which you need to know to make this type of connection work for you in a better way.

Consider asking these questions before subscribing -

1) How many numbers are you getting from your ISP for access? Are the numbers provided by your ISP fall under your local area code. If not be prepared for hefty charges by the ISP in your next bill !

2) Do they support your modem type ? Modems use different technologies. So even with a 56kbps modem you may not get the desired output if your ISP does not support your modem type.

3) What are the different packages available ? Some providers offer unlimited accounts. Some others will charge you on an hourly or monthly basis. Decide which fits your requirements.

4) What are the sofwares needed to be installed (if at all). Do you have to pay extra for this . In my experience it is rare that there will be extra software needed, especially if you are running windows.

5) What are the platforms supported by the service ? If you are not running windows , then do they provide support for installation in other platforms ?

6) What is the experience of existing users ? Are they satisfied with the service ? Some providers tend to drop connection from time to time. Get to know if such things happen frequently with your provider. You surely would not like to redial in the midst of your favorite download.

Consider all these things and go for the one that suits your needs best.

Good luck with your dial-up hunting !!

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