Sabtu, 08 Januari 2011

Magazine Online Subscriptions – Staying Up to Date

Online commerce and content distribution has changed the face of the publishing industry and most well known magazines have an online version available. However, if you are still a firm believer of reading a magazine when reclining on a lazy-boy then you can go ahead and subscribe to the print version of the magazine. However, the process of subscribing for the magazine can be completed online within a few minutes and you can start expecting you magazines within a few days rather than the long wait which is normal when subscriptions are sent in by post.

One of the key things you will need to complete the process of magazine online subscriptions is a valid credit card. You should also ensure that the subscription page is officially from the website of the magazine and is secured. You will see a small lock at the bottom of the browser to confirm the security status of the page. Apart from the credit card, the online form will require complete shipping address where the magazine is to be delivered. It is always useful to add a landmark.

Since many magazine publishers are looking at online users, you are likely to get a good bargain (sometimes better than the subscription leaflet in the print version). Publishers having multiple magazines often club subscriptions or promise a few issues free of charge in order to capture the subscriber’s interest. One of the most prominent offers which have been doing the rounds online is the Time magazine offer for three free issues and then subscription if you like. So if you are keen on a particular magazine, do check the online site to see I there is any subscription facility available online.

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