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Free Online People Search: A Priceless Convenience

Have you experienced looking for someone but do not know where to find it? The only thing you know where you can find people is using white pages.

In white pages, you are able to find out the present address, exact location and the phone numbers of the people you are looking for.

However, you may need to scan the pages of these white pages manually and your white page must be updated to find the person you are looking for.

What if the one you are looking for is not subscribed to a telephone company, how are you going to find him or her?

By using white pages, you will be in touch with all your friends, relatives and acquaintances that have not been around for many years. It is has been the source of information that has been used for years.

However, it does not accurately give the correct information about the person you are searching for. You may need to use online people search to identify the correct person you are looking for.

What is online people search?

Online people search is like a white page that uses the internet protocol to search for the person you are looking for. It has its own database of information and names, addresses, and personal data about the people you are looking.

Preferably, online people search is better than the white page. Because of its convenience, people are using the service instead of the manual search they do in using the white page.

You do not have to search for the people you are looking for by scanning the pages of white page one by one.

All you need to do is to log on to the particular site where you can find the person you are searching. Usually most of the search engines have a particular service for people search.

You can do this by simply typing the first name, middle initial and the family name correctly. Then click on the search and you will be loaded with lots of information about the person you are looking for.

You will also appreciate the different features that a particular online people search website can offer. You will gain lots of information including family components and backgrounds, old classmates, friends, acquaintances, and everything about the people you want to know.

You can also check the educational background, achievements and many other related information about the people you are searching.

By this service, you do not need to hire personal investigators to look for the person you are looking for.

The best part of this service is that, you can avail the unbelievable convenience without paying a price. This particular web service is available for you free.

However, you need to search for the one that will give you proper service, as some websites are outdated and will not provide you with the exact information you need

Although some people search websites will require payments, but you will be sure of the accuracy of the information.

People search websites is the most convenient way to keep in touch with people that you missed.

As long as there is an active internet connection in your computer, you will be in touched with the people you want to keep your connection.

Sabtu, 30 Oktober 2010

Free Newsgroup Servers

Free newsgroup servers sound irresistible, don’t they? After all, your internet service provider probably doesn’t give you access to all the newsgroups you want, right? Or else you want access to particular types of newsgroups that just don’t make it onto any of major internet service provider lists.

Free newsgroup servers have often stepped up to the plate to foster free speech and the free exchange of ideas that are often all but ignored in the typical newsgroup. Let’s face it, the overwhelmingly majority of newsgroup users head straight for the binary groups where they can download free music, movies and lots and lots of pictures of naked women. If getting access to more of these types of newsgroups is what has you looking into free newsgroup servers, chances are you’ll be disappointed. If your ISP simply doesn’t provide enough newsgroups dedicated to girls posing naked for their boyfriends, you’d be much better off investing in pay sites featuring uncensored newsgroup access.

Many free newsgroup servers are hosted by universities. Remember, the internet was created originally as a method of universities communicating ideas to each other. Colleges and other educational institutions lead the way in offering up access to those with specialized interests. But these newsgroups are text-based, they exist for messages to be posted and responded to. If information is what really turns you on and you want to get away from the porno that infests even the driest of newsgroups your ISP offers access to, look into this kind of free newsgroup server.

In addition to the educational system, many large organizations, especially those in computer-related industries, have free newsgroup servers. These are for the most part dedicated wholly to their own products and business interests. For instance, if you work with products made by Microsoft or Adobe and want to share information and get information, you might look into this possibility. Wait a minute, you’re saying, I’ve already got access to newsgroups about every Microsoft product ever made courtesy of my ISP. Why would I need to search out an entirely different server dedicated to just their products?

For one thing, because Microsoft would be running the server, they can decide when to delete postings and how long to archive them. One of the main complaints about regular newsgroup servers is that the length of time a posting remains accessible varies greatly. Some messages hang around for a month or two while it always seems like the one you really wanted only lasted a day or two. In addition, dedicated newsgroup servers also prove very valuable as a product support mechanism. After all, many product support sites don’t offer very much support, but when you’re dealing with people who’ve had the same problem with a product as you and shares your agony, the help is often much more valuable.

The thing to remember is that there are some real free newsgroup servers out there, but most don’t post images or other media files so if that’s what is attracting you to the idea, look elsewhere.

Jumat, 29 Oktober 2010

Free Mystery Shopping Jobs

The internet is a wonderful place to find free mystery shopping jobs and related information. This $600 million industry offers professional shoppers with the opportunity to work flexible hours and earn money while doing it. A wealth of information on free mystery shopping jobs is just a click away. In fact, not only information, but also links to free mystery shopping jobs and associations are readily available.

Mystery shoppers are freelance, independent contractors who agree to evaluate certain businesses before completing a findings report. This report will contain such information as customer service, employee courtesy, product selection, merchandising and more. If there is an area that needs improving, this will be noted in the report and give the business owners an independent look at what could be improved within their franchise.

Free mystery shopping jobs resources may contain such information as listings for local jobs, message boards where professional shoppers may interact, upcoming conferences and special events for shoppers and more. Mystery shoppers are paid for each business that they evaluate and, while some resources require a fee, there are many free mystery shopping jobs guides that can be found with minimal research.

While this industry is popular and steadily growing, many are still unfamiliar with the process and even wonder if it’s legitimate. The truth is that business owners actually appreciate the industry because it gives them an edge in knowing which areas need improving. During a known inspection, everyone will be on their best behavior. However, a mystery shopper who poses as a customer gives no clues that he/she is evaluating the business and, therefore, is provided with an actual picture of daily operations.

Major chain stores and hotels hire mystery shopping jobs professionals to work directly with them. In fact, they are happy with the industry and use it to conduct regular visits to their various franchises. Not all mystery shopping evaluators are in-house professionals, however. There are individual companies who organize, and hire, mystery shoppers to evaluate businesses. These individuals are compensated on an individual basis at a predetermined amount for each mystery shopping jobs job that they complete. This type of assignment classifies the shopper as an independent contractor, which is also known as being self-employed.

Mystery shopping is a very large industry and can be very competitive, especially if you live in a large area where everyone is competing for free mystery shopping jobs information. If you are interested in seeking work as a mystery shopper, an internet search may provide results for free mystery shopping jobs information your area. In addition, local marketing firms or radio commercials may reveal information on free mystery shopping jobs in your local area.

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Free Money Tips Newletter

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Free Ebook Shows The Simplicity Of Surging To The Top Of Google

No one needs to know all of the ranking criteria in order to get to the top of search engine lists. In fact, even if you were extremely good at it, Google could and will change algorithms at anytime. The game of getting to the first page can be complicated, but doesn't need to be. "PJ" is prepared to explain in his free report, just how easy it can be. "This information is very helpful to both the novice setting out to sell his or her product for the very first time, or perhaps the more experienced Internet salesperson who is frustrated with the costs of the high profile SEO professionals".

"It will take perseverance, patience and the willingness to trust in the methods that have been proven time and time again," PJ says. "Also, although you won't advance to the top overnight, it's going to be much quicker than you think".

Paying for the top position rarely works - the most popular search engine doesn't allow it, and users ignore the paid-for listings anyway (just like they ignore banner ads). Beautiful graphics and stunning animations usually reduce your search engine ranking! Massive lists of repetitive keywords don't work - search engines use natural language syntax checking and frequency analysis to eliminate such pages from consideration.

PJ resides in a Eden Prairie, Minnesota which is an upscale suburb just outside of Minneapolis. He has been interested in Search Engine placement for quite some time. Now , finally he says he is prepared to "spill all the beans" to those interested in his years of research. "Be ready", he says, "You're going to be surprised to see just how simple it is". For a FREE EBOOK detailing the fastest way to the top of the search engine, visit:
http://www.ride-to-the-top.com and

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free blasters, blog blaster, traffic blasters Reviewed

Why Blasters Disapoint and Don't Work.



A Safelist Blaster is formed of 1000s of Safelists usually with hundreds of members in each. Usually The Safelist admin will submit a Safelist to the blaster in the hope to inflate Safelist numbers.


To the marketer the Safelist Blaster offers the opportunity to reach 100 000s of email boxes spam free and within a matter of minutes. Which really sounds inviting and some what exciting


At first the thought of reaching 100 000s of customers is very appealling and exciting but after a few days the reality kicks in.

The majority of Safelists on the list are old.

The members who signed up on the blaster like your self are on all safelists (say theres 2000) for example you send an email to entire blaster and like you another member is signed up on all 2000 there for that member receives your email 2000 times.

The majority of Safelists are full of stale members, when a member leaves the Blaster there name stays on all the safelists and unless the admin is honest the member stays on each safelist.

The majority of participating members are using the blaster aswell (becomes obvious as you receive there message 1000s of times) and are also using a private mailbox which cleans email regularly (I was dumping mine every 4 hours) so most email goes unread.

To receive all the email you will need a large email box, mine was costing me as much as the blaster membership.

The only email you will be sending is plain text, HTML is virtually gone or impossible, you will only be sending plain email and no point based emails, in my experience point based email is much more responsive, but I know I cheat with my point based email, I open between 50-100 emails at a time and wait for the timers to finish.

As you can see I am not a real fan I now stick to 5-6 point based safelists.



Well they are what they sound like, write a short piece about your website and submit your piece to millions of blogs at the click of a button.


To blast your advertisement to millions of potential customers within minutes.


All Blogs require registration, your email and details,
The blog blaster doesn't do that of course.

I imagine the constant spamming of blogs infuriated a lot of admins.

Blog Blasters are old and don't work.



Often claiming to reach 100s of millions of email boxes, sound really good and promising, type your message and click a button to send message to millions.


To reach millions of clients with a click of the button, bringing millions of hits to your site.


Well I have no idea who these millions are but I personally found 80 assorted blasters (each claiming over 1 million members) and used these for one week straight for curiosity sake, I placed a tracker on each blast, to my disapointment not a single hit resulted.


While some of these examples are disapointing I am sure there are some that work, just be careful of the hype surrounding a traffic blaster and always test your new means of advertising.

Jason Godwell.

I give permission to copy this article but only in its complete form and with a link to my site.

Senin, 25 Oktober 2010

Fraud-Proof Your Online Business

Copyright 2006 Jim Edwards

I know a business that had their website hacked, their entire customer database hijacked, and thousands of customer credit card numbers stolen at the same time.

In the following months, the hackers did their best to steal as much as they could from this business through a number of "phishing" scams and direct email campaigns to their customers posing as the business.

After many months of heartache, expense, and lost sleep, this company was able to clean up the mess and the hackers moved on to greener pastures.

What's the lesson for all of us?

Whether you operate a multi-million dollar e-commerce empire, or generate part-time income with a small eBay or ebook enterprise, the following tips will help you fraud- proof your online business before it's too late!

~ Protect Your Passwords ~ Never share passwords for sensitive applications such as web hosting, email, PayPal, bank accounts or anything else with anyone.

If you must share hosting passwords with web designers or programmers, change the password immediately after they complete work.

Change all your sensitive passwords on a monthly basis.

~ Use Proven Service Providers ~ Custom programming is great until someone figures out how to hack an unproven system.

Using credit card and shopping cart providers like ClickBank, 1ShoppingCart, Authorize.net, and PayPal greatly reduce the chances that your sensitive data will get hacked and stolen online.

~ Shred Everything ~ A good, cross-cut shredder rates just about the best investment you can make in online security.

Before throwing anything away, shred it!

The shredding list includes bank statements, check stubs, lists of names and emails, printed emails, and anything else that can lead someone back to you, a customer, an account, or where you go or what you do online.

~ Fight The "Clone Wars" ~ Keep an eye out for illegal copies of your website posing as you or your business.

If you find someone posing as you online, the easiest way to shut them down is a direct frontal assault.

Contact their hosting company, their credit card processor, and their domain name registrar about the illegal activity.

Threaten to sue them (the provider) if the illegal activity does not cease immediately.

~ Troll eBay ~ Regularly check eBay for people selling bootleg copies of your products.

Set up automated searches to email you any time a listing gets placed with your name, product name or any reference similar to your product.

Sign up with eBay's Vero program to get the offenders shut down immediately with a simple email from you.

~ What Mom Always Told You... ~ "Never talk to strangers!"

That means NEVER give ANY information to anyone via phone or email, especially if they call you! Oh, guess what?

Your bank, hosting provider, email service, ISP, and PayPal already know your username and PIN#... they don't need to call or email you to ask you to confirm it.

~ Additional Tips ~ Never leave your physical mail (incoming or outgoing) in your mailbox overnight.

Don't share any sensitive information with anyone who doesn't need to know it.

Be careful of any shareware you download and use because it can contain spyware and even viruses intended to steal critical information.

Use common sense and never think you're invulnerable to an attack that could derail your business with one little misstep.

Minggu, 24 Oktober 2010

Fraud Tips for Buying Web Sites

Buying a web site can be a risky proposition. Here are a few tips to help you avoid some of those risks.


When valuing a web site, revenue is king.

The standard method for valuing web sites is to take the monthly revenue and multiply it by another number to determine a fair value for the web site.

The number is called the multiplier. Sellers like multipliers of 36. Buyers like multipliers of 3. Most deals end up somewhere between those two extremes.

Fraud Tip: Be sure to look at revenue numbers over a year's time. Some sellers will have one good month or one good quarter and try to overprice their web sites based upon that. Don't buy a store thinking that every month is December.


A web site with a PR6 main page is worth more than a web site with a PR5 home page.

Fraud Tip: PageRank is easy to spoof by using a 301 Redirect, waiting for a Google PR update, taking down the 301 Redirect, and then selling the web site before the next Google PR update. Be sure to examine the backlinks to a web site to ensure that it deserves its PageRank.

Fraud Tip: Some sellers will sell PR0 domains and say "The site doesn't have PR yet." The truth is that these sites have often been banned by Google. You are better off to wait for the next Google PR update.

Fraud Tip: A seller may have a lot of their own links pointed to a domain, artificially inflating the PR. After the domain sale is completed, the seller will take down their links to the domain. Be sure to examine the backlinks to a web site to ensure that they are not all coming from the sellers other web sites.

Page Count

A web site with 5,000 pages is worth more than a web site with only 5 pages.

Fraud Tip: Don't listen to how many pages a seller says the web site has. Check with the search engines. Web pages that are not indexed by the search engine do not have much value. If the seller has web pages that aren't being indexed, there may be hidden problems with the web site.

Domain Name

A web site with a great domain name is worth more than a web site without one.

Fraud Tip: Make sure that the domain name does not have potential trademark violations. Don't buy "buying-and-selling-on-ebay.net" and wait for eBay to sue you. They will.

Copyright Compliance

A web site which is built with copyrighted material can cost you a lot more than what you pay for it.

Fraud Tip: Check the text of the website for originality using Copyscape.

Fraud Tip: Check the web site graphics using Google Image Search.

Fraud Tip: Lyrics and Ringtones are copyrighted material. Don't buy this type of site unless you know this material was used with permission.


Some webmasters build a web site, make a dozen clones of the web site, and then sell off each clone as an original web site.

The clone web sites are then penalized by Google's duplicate content filter.

In addition, if there are a dozen web sites offering substantially the same content, those web sites will have to divide the same limited number of web visitors between them.

Fraud Tip: Check the originality of the website for originality using Copyscape.


Some webmasters sell their websites after they have been banned by AdSense.

Fraud Tip: If you intend to use AdSense on a web site, examine the web site to ensure that it is compliant with the Google AdSense ToS and Program Policies.

Tip: Before placing AdSense on any new domain that you purchase, write adsense-support@google.com and notify them that you have purchased a used domain. This will prevent your AdSense account from accidentally becoming confused with that of an AdSense cheat.

Nothing will protect you from every fraudster, but these guidelines will help to improve your chances of buying a quality web site.

Sabtu, 23 Oktober 2010

Four Things You Need When You Start An E-Business

Starting an e-business may seem like the easiest task in the world, however once you get involved in the process, you may get overwhelmed. The thing to remember when trying to get your home e-business started is that the more you learn about the process, the better off you will be in the end. A home e-business is something that can bring you a lot of joy, as well as a good paycheck week to week, so it is worth giving your time and energy to. When you first begin you probably will be spending massive amounts of time setting things up. But as your e-business grows, you will see that it will become easier to maintain over time.

A Website

The first thing any e-business needs is a website. When you are not well versed in web language, you might need some help when it comes to setting up your website. There are many avenues you can take with your website. You can do it all yourself using basic templates from easy webpage builders. You can also choose to design it from scratch yourself, which will only really work if you have an understanding about web design. Or, you can choose to pay someone to do it all for you. What you choose depends on your current knowledge of web design, your time constraints, and your budget. Anyone can learn to build a professional website, if they take the time to learn what it takes to complete the task.

A Product or Service

In addition to having a website, you will also need a product or a service you can offer consumers on your e-business website. You probably had this in mind before you even decided to create your own business. However, you may want to tinker with your idea to make it more “web appropriate”. Selling a product online might require a different approach with your web design as well. Selling a service is always much easier to deal with online, but you should go with whatever you are most comfortable with and what you are most talented at. When you use your talents through your business opportunities you will be more likely to be successful in whatever you do.

SEO Articles

Another important aspect to an home e-business is your website content. If you can afford to hire an advertising team to get your name out to the public, you won’t really have to worry about this step. However, if you are like most people of the world, you need ways to get people to your site, without spending too much money. One easy way to do this is by using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) articles. When you put good content on your site, with specific keywords that relate to your service or product, you will be inviting more people to your site, without doing too much work. When you have this content, your website will be more likely to pop up when consumers do a search on one of the keywords you used.


In addition to these things, you will also need something that you cannot buy or plan. You need incredible dedication. It is too easy to walk about from your home e-business when you first begin. Sure, it takes time to plan and to get started. In addition, once you get everything in place, it can take months to get the consumers you want to your site and for you to start profiting. This can be frustrating and some people will give up at this point. However, if you have the dedication it takes, you will be able to overcome these minor obstacles and see the big picture and the possibilities.

Copyright 2006 Ellen Burnett

Jumat, 22 Oktober 2010

For Stay at Home Moms

Running a full time home base business is difficult, especially when you are trying to give your children the attention they deserve. Most stay at home moms try too hard to balance the family life with their business, and is only thinking of the financial part instead of setting up a plan from the beginning. This is the reason that so many mothers choose to work at home.

They want to establish some type of financial standings while still being able to watch over their children. Making money online can be a great idea for stay at home moms. It provides a flexible schedule as well as the benefit of little commuting. Some examples of great ways to make money online are: owning a home business, completing surveys, freelancing, and reading emails. Providing mothers with the best ways to make an income online, these opportunities put money into moms' pockets.

Owning an online business can be difficult, but if a person is dedicated it can be very beneficial. Even though these businesses are not an easy task, they will still provide moms enough time with their children. There are many businesses to choose from. Some of the businesses require a fee to provide you with a product to sell. Others, such as Cognigen, will provide products and a website for free.

Completing surveys gives mothers total freedom. Because surveys are taken only when one agrees to take them, they are perfect for moms who children need constant care. The amount of money earned from surveys depends on how many surveys a person is willing to answer. A mom can earn from $25 to $600 a month from answering surveys.

Freelancing is a broad way to make money online. Freelancers are hired on to a company as a contractor. In many cases freelancing allows one to earn money for what he/she loves. One example is a mother who loves to write. There are many online opportunities for writing. The mother may start a blog or write articles on parenting. She may even put her creative writing skills to the test by writing short stories. There are other freelancing prospects such as cartooning, web design, consulting, data entry, and desktop publishing. The list of freelance jobs is abundant.

The popularity of reading emails is rising higher each day. While this is not a great way to earn large amounts of money, it is an excellent way to earn a few extra dollars. Reading emails is a fairly easy way for stay at home moms to earn money. Emails are sent to the email address that is set up with the program. Money, which is stored to an account, is paid to the Person who reads the email. Most of the programs have a minimum payout. The company will only pay a person once the minimum has been reached. One should have a separate email address just for the purpose of the emails. One can use the same email address, but it is not recommended since so many emails will be sent.

There are many other ways of making money online; it is not uncommon to see a professional create a home business in computer programming, accounting, medical billing, and many other fields. Making money online has never been easier. All that is required is a computer, a reliable Internet connection, and an idea.

Oftentimes the most challenging task involved in making money online is coming up with the perfect idea. We're not all computer programmers, web developers, or content writers. However, we all have some talent or skill that others will pay for. Making money online is as simple as figuring out what you do well and deciding how to leverage that talent into an opportunity.

For example, a friend of mine had little computer experience, but was interested in making money online. I suggested that she think about what she enjoyed doing and using that as the basis for her home business. She said that her greatest skill was the creation of unique homemade jewelry items. She hired another home business professional (a web designer) to build a website for her and she is now making money online selling her jewelry creations.

Making money online by starting a home business is not the daunting task that many budding entrepreneurs assume. If you carefully consider your skills and talents and figure out how to leverage those abilities on the Internet, you'll be making money online in no time. The key thing is staying with it once you start, so many people will start a home business and after a few months when the money doesn’t start rolling in as fast as they though it should, most just give up.

In order to succeed in any online business you have to Constance remind yourself why you started the business in the first place, this will keep you motivated and on track during those hard times, and they will come.

Publisher: http://www.NetMarketer.org

Kamis, 21 Oktober 2010

Fly Around the World Reviewing

Do you have a story of something that happened in a casino that is so unbelievable that no one believes you when you tell it? If so this contest is for you. The more bizarre the story, the better your chances of winning the contest will be, but all stories must be true.

Online-Casinos-789.com started an Unbelievable Tales from the Casino contest. All you need to do to enter is E-Mail your story of something odd, funny or unbelievable that happened to you or someone you were with in an online casino or casino during 2007 and you could win an all expense paid for two to Las Vegas for five days and four night at one of the strips 5 star hotel and casinos.

All you need to do to qualify is to be over 21 years of age and submit your story about what happened to you in the casino and Online-casinos-789.com will post the best ones on their site. At the end of the year you, the reader will be able to vote on the best submission and the winner will win the trip to Las Vegas and be offered a glamorous job involving flying around the world and reviewing all that the worlds casinos have to offer.

Rabu, 20 Oktober 2010

Flash Or Bang - Which Would You Prefer?

If you had to choose, would you want a site that looks pretty, or one that makes you lots of money?

Of course you want a nice looking website, but isn’t money the real motivator here? I mean you are running a business, right?

Flashy graphics and top-notch sound effects make for an awesome video game, but frankly aren’t very effective as marketing tools. In fact, too much of these elements will greatly decrease your site’s ability to convey it’s message.

Look at sites like Amazon.com and Buy.com. They’re friggin’ ugly, but they rake in an absolutely terrifying amount of revenue month after month.

Or look at any website by Mike Filsaime, Gary Ambrose, and other big name marketers. These sites are clean-cut, simple, and to the point. No extravagant visual effects of any kind, and yet these guys make a killing with just about every site they roll out.

Your content, your message, is by far the most important aspect of your web presence. Of course you want a nice appearance, attractive colors, and a sleek overall look; but don’t get side tracked by focusing on the aesthetics.

Moreover, you should focus on getting your main point across immediately. Your site's headline should literally grab a visitor by the eyeballs and make them want to read more, and the text following your initial headline should keep the momentum going and pull the reader down the rest of your page and deep into your sales message.

People rarely spend money because they were impressed by an animated header. In most cases, we decide to buy because the information presented exceeds our expectations, offers the solution to our problem, or creates a strong emotional desire.

I’ll take a site that converts visitors into customers over a site that makes people say “wow” before they click away any day of the week.

Selasa, 19 Oktober 2010

Five Ways To Quadruple A Websites Revenue.

Many website owners all too often give up on their website, even before their site has had time to shine. It can take months, or even years to reach the optimum for a business so why not expect the same out of a website? It is hard to find a business that finds the desired revenue within the first year. So why should a website be as popular as it should be within the first few months or years?

First of all just like any successful business you must believe that you'll succeed and never give-up. To be successful with a website you must have the same mentality, never give up and always put time and effort in. Giving up is the single major problem, if you give up on your website too early it will fail.

I have built many website over the years and found that what I have set out for you in this article will work, and keep on working.

Secondly, you need to increase your traffic, or hits to the website. I advise you to read my previous article “Six Techniques To Triple Your Website Hits.” This article illustrates six functional ways you can increase the traffic to your website.

Thirdly on the list, make sure you have branded your site well. People want to remember you and believe your site is quality. So build a clean and functional website that is appealing to your potential customers. The more professional your site is, the more you will impress the visitors.

Fourthly, one of the most important parts to a website: Quality content. You must have quality content. Always make sure you are original and unique. By having quality and informative information on my websites has benefited me to no extent. I found one of my website advertised on eBay. Not only was my site featured in an auction, but they were referring to my website and the products I sold. This alone gave my website over 40-50 extra hits from the eBay website alone, per day.

Not only did I find my website in eBay, but I found it in many other websites. I took a look at my link popularity and found my link popularity had risen from 60 to 300 within six months. These links were from quality websites and all were talking about my website as an example. No wonder my websites visitor count was dramatically increasing!

Fifth. Now that you have a quality and possibly a very well established website, you need to advertise. Advertising can be very expensive, and often not rewarding. So why not allow people to make money reselling your product or service?

I have found that every successful website I have setup, has an affiliate programme. Not only does an affiliate programme allow you to receive more new customers but it also increases your link popularity. As you all know, increasing your link popularity is something we are all trying to do.

I have found that affiliate programmes are the most important part to any website that sells a product or service. There is no other way to beat the free link popularity and the added bonus of extra sales you would not have had earlier. I cannot guarantee that you will quadruple your revenue, but the above information given will ensure that your website has a positive future and will prosper into a successful website. I have used every single example in the implementation of my current websites, and has worked for me. There is no time limit to how long it will take, although I have found a six month old website can quadruple its revenue within six months!

Senin, 18 Oktober 2010

Five Scams You'll Want To Avoid

Many websites claim to offer home business opportunties. Some people do make money at home through online jobs, but many of these so-called opportunities are scams. How do you know the difference? Here are some tips for avoiding home business scams.

First, use some common sense. If you are looking because you're short on funds, it can be easy to talk yourself into believing the promises you will read online. Try to look at the offers objectively. Many scams try to convince you that you will become wealthy with little effort, and you might even see on the website that this is some "secret" for making money that is just now being revealed. Much later they reveal the cost for learning the secret. Before buying this kind of information, take a moment to wonder why it's being sold. If it's really that effective, the person selling it should be wealthy and not need to sell anything.

Second, don't get involved in a pyramid scheme. These are programs that pay you to recruit but don't really have a product to sell. You make money by getting other people to join the system. This only works for those who start the pyramid scheme, and is illegal in several states. Note that this is not the same as home party or similar plans where you get a percentage from what you sell in addition to a percentage from those you recruit.

Third, don't pay to stuff envelopes or make products. In fact, don't pay to work for anybody.

Forth, getting paid to do Survey's. While some companies may pay you, I have found that the majority do not. They offer a entery into a sweepstakes where "you could win" but in my experience the sweepstakes even has a catch as well where if you do win they want you to pay a registration fee of let's say $600.00 then you will get the "All inclusive trip for 2 to the Bahama's". Don't buy into it. There are way better things to waste your time on.

And lastly, anything with the word "Blaster" in it is a SCAM, unless you want your email filling up with spam don't do it. I had a campaign with Ad Blaster and I'm still unsubscribing to spammers.

Avoiding home business scams means avoiding anything that offers easy wealth. It also means avoiding paying to work for somebody. Don't expect anything online that makes no sense in the real world. Don't get scammed.

Minggu, 17 Oktober 2010

Five New Trends In Increasing Website Exposure

It is not the same old Internet anymore as far as marketing goes. There are new ways to promote your website that will benefit you by adding extra cash in your pocket. Read about the five new methods of Internet marketing that people are using to drive customers to their website. The basic concept that “content is king” along with correct keyword usage is the way to go. You will not regret using these new ways of marketing.

The number one Internet marketing plan for drawing customers into your website is the use of a blog. A blog is a continual updated online journal on your personal views or news related subject matters. People that read your blog are constantly aware of your ideas and thoughts, especially those concerning your business and products. The benefit of promoting your company through a blog is the fact that the search engines love blogs. Fresh new content and a few good keywords thrown in will push you higher up on the engine rankings. People will see it and more customers will click to your site.

In your blog, be sure to add valuable customer information such as product information, or business advice. This draws customer interest. In addition, other bloggers may wish to link with to your blog site, and you can draw in customers from their blogs. That will continually feed your ranking and over time; customer loyalty backed by trust will drive your website and feed new customers into your email. However, without RSS feeds, Really Simple Syndication, your blog may be doomed to fail. RSS feeds work by aggregating the information and outlay it to the customer. The customer will need to have a web browser or special software that can read RSS feeds. Most any information is fed into an RSS feed. The good thing about using a web blog with a RSS Feed is that often your information gets to the news media. A well-written blog with timely advice and resources lends you as creditable in your business area. Be prepared, you could have a reporter knocking at your door.

Another area in which you can spice up your website is with the use of PHP coding. One of the drawbacks to using an RSS feed is that because it is a dynamic page – the spiders will not catch it quick. For example, if it has to wait too long to index it with the code intact, it will just move on. There are things you can do to work with the PHP language, and it will benefit you to learn how to do it. At least with the PHP, you can make your pages on the site look like HTML files. Do not forget to use the idea of text links too. Links to other great sites is a new advertising trend you can use for more website exposure. With SEO, Search Engine Optimization, companies use text link marketing to get their site into the higher rankings. You can use auctions where you bid only on what you think you need, or through a brokerage, you can buy and sell text links. Just like with banners you can change exchange links too.

Bookmark technology and ways to use them has come a long way. Most agree that getting someone to bookmark your site will lead to future sales. People rarely ask for a customer bookmark their site though. There are software programs that you can use to make book marking a snap. All you have to do is to provide a link and your customers can bookmark easily. Some Java script software will automatically bookmark your site for your customer. There is a small fee involved for you. A simple “Please bookmark this site” button is often enough to get the customer to bookmark. Certain software will also add a special icon when the customer saves the site. This makes it easy to standout from the other bookmarked sites. Pop-ups help you to get your customer to bookmark too. New ingenuous software will remind your customer to bookmark as they are leaving, and even to bookmark with their permission.

The Internet is a dynamic marketing experience. In addition, the better you are at implementing its new marketing tools – the more profits you will make. So learn all you can about these five tips on new marketing trends and go grab some lifetime customers.

Sabtu, 16 Oktober 2010

Five Excellent Reasons To Take Paid Surveys Today

Most people know what consumer survey is but do they know they can get paid for answering opinion surveys? If by chance they participate in a paid survey and receive a paycheck in their mailbox, they are thrilled by their discovery. They understand that paid surveys are a great way to earn extra money at their spare time and they just regret they didn't start earlier...

Today, at the Internet age, it is easier than ever to make extra cash with paid surveys and mystery shopping jobs. To help you have a clear picture of this opportunity, we have summarized here the main reasons why you should start taking paid surveys today.

1. Money

Paid surveys are not new. Opinion research has been used for decades by marketers as a way to explore customer needs and every year companies and institutions spend billions of dollars on consumer research. The reason is simple: The better they understand us as consumers, the more money they can make.

Because they need to know what consumers like and want, companies are willing to pay for our opinions.

There are companies that will pay you up to:

* $75 to take online surveys
* $250 to participate in focus groups
* $120 per hour to take phone surveys
* $50 per assignment to participate in shopping surveys

To dismiss any misunderstanding, we don't claim here that you will make $250 an hour all day and every day... But from experience we know that you can easily earn extra money every month, working at your spare time, with hundreds of online paid surveys and mystery shopping jobs that are sent directly to your email. From time to time you will also receive an invitation for a 1-2 hours focus group (a personal interview conducted among a small number of individuals) that can pay as high as $250 per session!

To give you a rough estimate of the money you can earn with online surveys, focus groups and mystery shopping jobs, we can say that anyone who is actively registered with at least 300 top market research companies should have no trouble earning an extra $250-$500 per month working at it part-time. Top performers that stick with it for long and work full time can make up to $3000 per month!

2. You Make Your Opinion Counts

* By answering the questions of legitimate survey researchers, you make your opinions known to the people who have the power to make the changes you want.

* Your answers to survey questions influence many decisions that affect you as a consumer and a citizen.

* Health care providers, government agencies, airlines, hotels, telecom companies and car dealerships are responding to your comments by improving their customer service.

For all these reasons, your opinion is in high demand and you can make a difference when you participate in paid surveys.

3. It is Fun

Participating in online paid surveys isn't a boring job requesting every day to complete a routine task. On the contrary, you will be involved in very diversified assignments dealing with new products you will test before they go on the market, new technologies that are still in R&D labs, original perspectives on existing products, new marketing concepts etc. You will be exposed to many topics you wouldn't have any idea about them otherwise and you will better understand what's going around you as a citizen and as a consumer. After taking many paid surveys, you will look at prices, brands, product design, customer service etc in a different way and you will enjoy your special view on all these matters.

With focus groups, you will be invited to spend 1-2 hours with a small group of 6 to 12 people to discuss a product, a service, a brand or any other marketing concept. Participants can be paid up to $250 and the meeting is typically held in pleasant surroundings and refreshments are served. During this group session there is interplay of thoughts and ideas to get insights on attitudes and perceptions held by consumers. These discussions are very animated and very interesting. That's real fun and great money!

Mystery shopping assignments are a special type of marketing research. You are paid to shop at the mall or to eat at restaurants! All you need to do is filling out a questionnaire on your customer experience. We all shop, and many of us enjoy shopping. But very rarely do we get paid for it! Mystery shopper jobs give us this opportunity: Earning extra income just for shopping and filling out a questionnaire!
It's a fun job that pays real cash. You can earn money to shop in your favorite stores, to eat in your favorite restaurants, to drive a car, to see a movie at your local theater or to play golf!

Beside money, online paid surveys, focus groups and mystery shopping jobs will bring a lot of fun in your life.

4. Cool Lifestyle

* You can do it Full-Time or Part-Time. It's Your Choice!

Paid surveys invitations and mystery shopping assignments are sent to you by email and you can take as many or as few as you want. You can do it full-time or part-time.
You decide how much time you want to devote to paid surveys and shopping jobs and you can work whenever you'd like: morning, noon, night... midnight if you'd like.

* You are Your Own Boss

This kind of work is entirely voluntary and you have no boss looking at your performances all the day. It is all up to you if you want to participate in a survey or not. Nobody will try to force you to take a job if you don't want and if you need a day off, just take it! You are your own boss! You will manage your work as you wish and you will benefit of 100% of your efforts.

* If you are a mom at home, you can schedule your work around your family's needs, spending more quality time with your loved ones.

* If you are a student, you can answer surveys between lectures or before you do your homework. This is a great way to relax and have a little fun when you are tired of your college assignments.

* If you are a senior citizen, paid surveys and mystery shopping jobs will fill your free time with interesting activities and they will supplement your retired pay.

* If you decided to work from home, paid surveys and mystery shopping are just for you. You can work from the comfort of your home and you keep the flexibility to share your time as you want.

* If you are a full time employee and need an additional income, you can fill out online surveys and shopping questionnaires during pauses at work, on the evening or on your weekend. All your family can take paid surveys too so all the surveys taken add up in a cumulated income.

5. It is easy to get started

* No experience or special skills are required.

No special background is needed to participate in consumer research. If you are a consumer, your opinion counts and you qualify to take paid surveys and mystery shopping jobs. Every consumer is welcome.

* No special equipment is required

Taking surveys for money requires no special equipment other than access to a computer and email. If you know how to access the Internet and your email, you're set.

* Professional databases have made all the hard work for you

Finding an excellent collection of legitimate and well-paid surveys isn’t an easy job. The most difficult part about making money with paid surveys is finding an extensive list of legitimate companies out of all the market research programs on the Internet. Some of these sites are scams - they don’t deliver their promises about cash and other incentives or they don’t keep your privacy and bombard you with unwanted advertising… The best way to avoid scams and to make the best of paid surveys and mystery shopping jobs is to join a professional database of paid opportunities that give you access to a wealth of legitimate opportunities.

We recommend Maximum Paid Surveys as the most professional resource of paid surveys and mystery shopping jobs available today on the Internet. Whether you're a stay-at-home mom, student, retired or just need some extra money, Maximum Paid Surveys will make it easy to get paid for your opinion.

Jumat, 15 Oktober 2010

Finding The Right Log Analyzer

A log analyzer is an essential part of many websites. It basically tells you what is happening on your website. Do you want to know where your website’s visitors go and what they do? If you are an ecommerce merchant it can be quite important to know which ads and which set ups the public likes and more importantly what they react to. But how can you find this information when you do not have a log analyzer? You can. So, take some time to purchase one!

Here is one of the reports that many log analyzers provide. They normally provide a report that tells you what paths visitors to your websites have taken. That means that it will tell you which page they arrived at and where they went form there. While that doesn’t seem all that important, it will give you a good amount of information about your website that you can later use to expand or recreate it to be even more powerful. For example, if your log analyzer told you that nine out of ten people that visited your website saw your ad for bubble gum and clicked on it, then that ad was either very powerful in its message, located in the right location, or had the design and style to attract their attention enough to get them to click through. This is how you make money.

The good news is that these log analyzers can do much more than that as well. They can provide you with invaluable reports far more important than just that. In fact you can choose the log analyzers that fit your needs the best and purchase those. This will help you to incorporate the marketing tactics as well as the maintenance and effectiveness of your website so that you can make it just that much better. Log analyzers are powerful tools to count on.

Kamis, 14 Oktober 2010

Finding The Cheapest Service

You've done it, I have done it. At some point we have all combed the Internet trying to dig up the cheapest service rates we can find. Some of us look for discounts in the form of bundled services, while others seek out that holy grail of low rates.

When looking for the cheapest service rates, new technology is worth looking into more often than not. Instead of just searching for low rates, try looking for new ways of getting that service first, then compare rates on those services.

Thanks to modern technology, elective utilities can be much less expensive than ever before. You might try voip service, or satellite tv rather than cable, both of which can save one a significant amount of loot each month.

Another way to pinch a penny is to keep an eye out for promotional offers and special incentives. People sometimes have a habit of thinking this is just another way to get you to "buy something". Maybe so, but is sure is nice to get that rebate a few weeks later.

Sometimes finding the cheapest service is a matter of taste. My grandfather for example wouldn't touch voip service with a ten foot pole for fear the "new fangled" monster might do him in. We all know this type, and pardon me if this is you :)

In closing, when sticking with traditional services, be sure to read the fine print. It isn't always the advertised rate that gets you. 0.02 cents a minute is great for long distance, but not if it's only that rate for 2 hours on Friday afternoon.

Rabu, 13 Oktober 2010

Finding the best search engine

With Billions of pages on the internet how do you find exactly what is that you are looking for? Chances are you have stumbled across different search engines, and maybe even used and tried out a few of them.

Aside from look and feel which search engine really is the best?
It used to be that Google’s search results were far superior to any other search engine on the internet. With an increase in technology by Google’s closest competitor’s Yahoo and Msn, it’s getting harder and harder to really sort through and say which one is really better.

With that in mind I would recommend using all of the major search engines to see which one returns what you personally are looking for. I’ve found that a search engine that I use all of the time, and returns what I am looking for will be completely different for someone else searching for the exact same thing. Everyone has expectations for what they are looking for when they perform a web search. These expectations are different for everyone, and I believe that with a slight difference in the Algorithms of the major search engines, one of them will match what it is that you are looking for.

Due to the fact that there isn’t much that hasn’t already been exploited with search engine technology, all of the major sites have been pushing new features, to attract users. Gmail, Google’s free web mail is an example of this. Gmail provides over 2gb’s of free storage, and is growing everyday. With the ability to pop email stored on the Gmail server it’s hard to beat. Yahoo and Msn have offered web based email for a long time, and it’s exciting to see Google jump in the Game. Gmail is still in a Beta stage, but already it’s made a huge push in the market; Even convinced Hotmail to raise their storage limit by more than a factor of 10! This is only a small preview I think we will see in the next while, as the different providers fight for our patronage.

Other features which all companies offer are:
Local Search - Find things relative to a local area. For example: looking for pizza in Sacramento, California?
Image Search - Rather then browsing the web to find a picture of your favorite car or digital camera, you can easily search through millions of images using the image search provided.
Movie - This is one feature which I feel really sets Yahoo apart from the others. The ability to accurately search through thousands of videos all of the internet in only seconds!
Music - This is a feature offered only by Msn. Type in an artist or song name, and be taken to a page to view artist profile’s and discography, as well as a place to purchase music online.

Take a look around and become familiar with all of the different services that Search Engines are offering now a days and make the most of your web experience, and find information as quickly as you need it!

Feel free to reprint this article as long as you keep the following caption and author biography in tact with all hyperlinks.

Selasa, 12 Oktober 2010

Finding Organic And Natural Foods For Your Baby: Resources In The Brick And Mortar World And Online

In the 21st century, more and more men and women are becoming serious about the adage that “you are what you eat.” These people are paying closer attention to the food that they put into their bodies. In addition, these people are becoming more and more selective about the food choices that they make for their babies.

Perhaps you are a person who is concerned about what you eat and about the food that you give to your children, including any baby that might be a part of your family. In this regard, you may be interested in finding organic and natural food products for your baby. There are a growing number of resources available to you through which you can obtain organic and natural food products in both the brick and mortar world and on the Internet and World Wide Web in this day and age.

In the brick and mortar world, many natural food store chains have opened markets in different communities. These chain stores offer a wide range of products, including natural foods and related products for your baby.

In addition to the chain natural food stores that are now in operation, many communities also have independent natural food markets -- stores that are not a part of any chain operation. These stores -- like their larger brethren -- maintain a nice sized selection of natural products, including food items for your baby.

Of course, as with so many products and services in the 21st century, the Internet and World Wide Web is home to a broad range of websites that market natural products, including food items. At some of these general site you will be able to find natural foods for your baby.

Additionally, some innovative entrepreneurs have established Internet based stores that exclusively market natural products for a baby -- including food items. These types of shops on the Internet can be invaluable resources for a parent who is committed to providing natural foods for his or her baby.

In the end, there are many resources available to a parent who is interested in providing natural food products for his or her baby. By spending only a bit of time shopping around in both the brick and mortar world and on the Internet, a parent can identify a number of different markets that sell natural food products for babies.

Senin, 11 Oktober 2010

Finding Keywords

Are you a new webmaster? And looking for a niche place in the cyber world? Or simply looking for a great rating among the search results of major search engines like Google, Yahoo or MSN? In any case, you must indulge in finding keywords. Yes, by finding keywords, that are apt and according to your niche market, you will certainly be able to improvise on your search engine ranking.

The purpose of searching keywords is to find out the exact phrases that are requested by people in the searches carried in the major search engines. If your website has the relevant information about the most searched terms and keywords, your website would be rated higher by the major search engines. The entire process of improving search engine ranking for a website is a wide process and is called search engine optimization. Finding keywords is one of the most important parts of search engine optimization.

To start the keyword search for your website, make a list of the keywords related to your website. You can easily find the keywords by using online keyword services. One popular keyword service provider on the web is word tracker. Using word tracker tools and services, all you have to do is to type a keyword and wait for the list to appear on the computer screen. And you will you have a direct access to hundreds of keywords related to the keyword you have typed in the box.

For instance: your website is a website that markets and promotes skin products. Type the word “skin” and you will have all the top keywords related to skin. The keywords will be something like: skin care, oily skin, skin diseases, skin products, animal skin and so on.

Now you have to select the relevant keywords for your website. You cannot choose animal skin for your site which caters specifically to the human skin cosmetics and skin care. Yes you can include the keywords like skin care, skin cream, dry skin, oily skin and many others.

You have a number of keyword services and tools that can help you find the most searched keywords for your website. While you select the keyword with the help of these tools, you will also come to know how many number of times the keyword has been searched on the internet.

Let us go back to skin example: suppose you select dry skin, you can also track the exact number of times “dry skin” has been searched on the internet. The number can be some thousand times. Incase you choose “dry skin type”, the number of searches can be less. So, you are suggested to select the keyword with a higher search count first.

Another tricky method of finding keywords is to keep an eye on your competitors. Look at the meta-tags of your competitors’ website. The meta-tags are a good source of significant keywords. You can also seek help from your customers regarding the keywords they use in their search.

Having a weblog page in your website is also helpful in tracking the keywords. Each weblog page has a link which shows the keywords being used to search your page. Once you have the right keywords in hand, you can hit the market with the most relevant and desired information on your website.

Minggu, 10 Oktober 2010

Finding Internet Business Info

When you are looking to start an online business, or if you already have one, you know just how important information can be. If you cannot find any information on your business venture you may want to consider a different route; this is not necessarily a bad thing, but it can definitely slow down your development. When you are searching for internet business info there is a few different places that you can look.

1. A simple internet search will usually turn up hundreds of resources for any area of your business that you could possibly need information on. If you are searching for information on something like internet marketing, you will have plenty of resources to choose from. On a similar note, if you are searching for products to sell, you will again be in luck. Finding information on wholesalers, and companies of the like is very easy to do online. Overall, you can find internet business info in large quantities by simply using a search engine.

2. If you need more specific information than what you can find online, you should seek out the advice of a professional in your field. A lot of people overlook this option of obtaining internet business info because they are embarrassed. But by asking somebody that is already a success for help, you will be able to get top notch tips. When doing this, remember to be courteous and explain your situation. Believe it or not, most people are glad to help you out in any way that they can.

3. Finding internet business info in books has never been easier. Since the online industry is booming, there are many books available on this subject. More than likely you will be able to find a book that meets your needs. There are plenty of them out there ranging from how to sell on eBay to how to market your products online. When you are searching for a book to buy, you will want to make sure that it is written by a reputable author. In other words, if you want to learn how to sell products on eBay, you will want to buy a book that is authored by somebody who has been successful. This way you are ensured of getting top quality information that will be useful.

Overall, finding internet business info does not have to be difficult. There is information available all over the place that can be very useful when trying to take your business to the next level. The main thing to keep in mind is that you do not want to fall into the trap of thinking that you know everything. Knowledge is power, and nobody knows everything!

Richard Henderson

Home Based Business Opportunities

Sabtu, 09 Oktober 2010

Finding Information On The Latest In Kitchenware For Your Home

If you are like many women and men in the 21st century, you like to have the most up to date kitchenware for your home. In this regard, because you like to keep up with the current trends and changes when it comes to kitchenware, you may be interested in informational resources in regard to the latest trends in kitchenware.

First of all, in this day and age, there are a number of truly solid television shows broadcasting in this day and age that provide information on the latest developments in regard to kitchenware. You might want to consider tuning into one or another of these programs to get updated on what is being done and sold in the way of kitchenware in this day and age.

Keep in mind that in addition to television broadcasts, there are also some very helpful videos or DVDs that can assist you in making decisions on what types of newly designed kitchenware you might want to consider buying. Of course, one of the benefits to be had to viewing videos as opposed to watching television broadcasts is that you can watch these videos at your convenience.

There are some wonderful books now on the market that explore what the best outfitted kitchen includes. These books generally are available at major booksellers in the brick and mortar world. In addition, many kitchen supply stores also maintain these types of books in their inventories. Finally, on occasion, some home improvement centers in operation in the brick and mortar world also include these types of books on their shelves. As an aside, in some communities, libraries to maintain books of these nature in some instances.

Finally, as with so many other products and services in the 21st century, the Internet is a wonderful resource for information on the latest kitchenware and cookware that is available on the market at this point in time. There are websites that even provide independent evaluations about the latest kitchenware products that have been introduced into the marketplace. Through these independent evaluations you will be in a better position to make a decision about which kitchenware and cookware products will best meet your needs -- not only in the immediate but into the more long term future as well. You will be able to make sounder purchasing decisions through the use of these types of Internet based informational websites.

Jumat, 08 Oktober 2010

Finding Industrial And Technical Buyers On-line

Internet marketing strategies for manufacturers and industrial suppliers that want to generate more sales and increase marketing ROI

By Conrad Bailey

If your company sells industrial products or services, one thing is for certain, you should be using the Internet as a marketing tool to reach your target audience. After all, over 87% of engineers and other industrial buyers report using the Internet on a regular basis to find the products, services and solutions they need. The manufacturers and suppliers that know how to effectively reach these ready to buy prospects through effective marketing programs are the ones making the most profit from the Internet.

However, reaching qualified buyers, at the right time, is becoming increasingly difficult as more manufacturers and other industrial suppliers join the on-line marketplace. The competition has become so intense for certain products and services, many companies are beginning to doubt the Internet as being a profitable marketing tool.

Even programs that use to be extremely profitable for a lot of manufacturers, such as pay-per-click, lacks the clout it use to have in the eyes of a lot of industrial suppliers. Most of them blame it on the competition. But that is not really the problem. The real problem is the company's inability to adapt to a constantly changing marketplace. And unquestionably, no marketplace changes faster or more frequently than the Internet.

Increase Your Marketing Channels

Relying on pay-per-click, search engines, banner ads or your Web site is not enough. You have to versify your entire marketing approach in order to compete on the Internet today, as well as in the future. If you expect the major search engines to be your Web site's main source of traffic, you are relying too much on one marketing channel. You must increase those channels to generate traffic from multiple sources all over the Internet. The Web site's that are most versatile in terms of marketing, will develop the strongest competitive advantage possible over their competitors.

Probably the single biggest reason why most manufacturers do not versify their marketing is they prefer to keep things simple. So they invest most of their marketing dollars in one or two programs, and overlook smaller traffic sources that could significantly increase their ROI.

Indeed, keeping it simple is certainly an ideal approach, but it does not mean you have to limit your marketing channels. The key is to find smaller, more flexible search engines, directories or portals that reach your target audience. You can and still should utilize the major search engines to promote your site. Just don't overlook the others just because their too small to work with. Together they can generate much better results than any single source, no matter how big. Moreover, the competition will be a lot less, so the ROI will be significantly improved.

Finding Marketing Channels That Work

Obviously, not all marketing opportunities are equally effective. You want to find marketing plans or programs that are simple to utilize, measurable, and of course profitable. No matter what audience you are trying to reach, there are dozens, perhaps even hundreds of Web site's that are ideal marketing channels to promote your company. Don't make the mistake of ignoring a site just because of its small audience. You need to look at the whole picture and see the real value of these sites.

As I mentioned earlier, most leading manufacturers don't even bother with advertising on Web sites that reaches just a small fraction of their target audience. Yet, these smaller sites offer by far the greatest profit potential. Consider not only the excellent advertising value these sites usually offer, but also the enormous potential they often have to reach even more of your prospects in the near future. After all, as their visitors and audience increases, so will your ROI due to several reasons.

A significant advantage of advertising on smaller Web sites is the relationship factor. Imagine being the original advertiser on a Web site that once had a small audience but now reaches millions of your prospects. There will certainly be perks. I know myself I will not forget the original advertisers of my own site. Their support was vital to my Web site's success and I make sure these companies are rewarded with exclusive advertising benefits.

Internet Advertising and Marketing

Everybody on the Internet today has their own opinion about which advertising or marketing methods are best. Many swear by text link advertising and search engine optimization. Others like pay-per-click or opt-in email. And there are many manufacturers that still prefer banner advertising, most likely for branding purposes. But who cares what works for somebody else? All that really matters is making it work for your company - period.

Different Web sites offer different advertising opportunities. Some sites will only accept banner ads while others will only present text link ads. Then there are directories or search engines that may even accept both. The point is, if the terms are right, then you must be flexible and be willing to advertise in the manner these sites require. Again, all that matters is reaching your target audience while increasing ROI. Whether it be via a banner advertisement, text link, featured listing, or whatever.

Yes, it will take some serious time and effort to find the right marketing channels and advertising opportunities. But the benefits are certainly worth it if you are responsible for marketing or increasing traffic to your company's Web site.

Just look at the whole thing as if your building a chain one link at a time with each link strengthening the entire system the bigger and longer the chain gets. This chain will undeniably result in a flood of ongoing traffic from multiple sources that will consistently increase your site's visibility and competitive advantage on the Internet.

In contrast, your competitors will be limited to the one or two big marketing channels they rely on for 90% or more of their Web site's traffic and perhaps their survival. They will be constantly subjected to price increases, growing competition, and ironically the need to find other marketing channels.

About The Author :

Conrad Bailey is co-founder and vice president of http://www.IndustrialLeaders.com,
an Industrial Supply Trade Portal for engineers and other industrial & technical buyers.

Kamis, 07 Oktober 2010

Finding Coupon Deals

Using coupons has always been a great way to save money on the things that you buy regularly, and avid coupon fans will be happy to attest to that. Many people believe, however, that taking the time to find the right coupons is too difficult to make it worth their trouble. This really doesn’t have to be the case, however, and the money you save using coupons is well worth finding out how to find the best coupon deals in the easiest way possible.

Online coupons have given a whole new meaning to saving money, and many people are beginning to realize just how easy it is to find them and use them. One way to find online coupons is to simply use an Internet search engine and search for online coupons for the merchandise that you are considering buying. Another way is to use some or all of the many online coupon web sites that are available. Online coupon web sites focus almost exclusively on giving consumers information on what online coupons are available at any given time, and how and where consumers can use them to save money. One of the best ways that online coupon web sites help consumers is by listing “coupon codes” for various online stores. Coupon codes are coupons that are basically all electronic – you simply enter these codes into a special box when you are purchasing something from on online store and the savings are deducted from the price before you finalize your purchase. Online coupon web sites will list the codes that are still valid, and let you know where they can be used. These web sites will almost always update their findings daily, so you can always be aware of what savings are offered at what stores every day. Though you may be able to get these coupon codes through the actual store’s web site or through advertisements, it can save you a lot of time to be able to view all the codes at once on one web site.

Finding coupon deals is no problem once you put just a little bit of initial time and research into it. One of the first things that you want to do is go to your favorite search engine and enter such terms as “online coupons”, “coupon codes”, or perhaps “Internet coupons”. The search engine will most likely bring up a large list of web sites that offer online coupons and online coupon codes. Check through a number of the sites and decide which ones have what you are looking for. Once you’ve narrowed it down to your favorite online coupon web sites, the next step is to put these on your browser’s “favorites” list. If any of the online coupon web sites require registration, then do that also. Although there may be online coupon web sites that charge a fee to use them, there are plenty of good online coupon web sites that don’t – and the latter are the ones that you want to use. Each day (or every other day if you like), take a little time to log on to the Internet and check your list of online coupon web sites. Look for the latest online coupons codes for the online stores that you frequent regularly, and also look for the latest printable coupons that you can use at the local stores that you go to.

For the online coupon codes, you can either write down the codes, how long they are good for and which stores you are going to use them at, or you could possibly keep a list in your own database or spreadsheet. It all depends on how Internet savvy you are or want to be! When it is time to do your online shopping, check your coupon codes, find the ones that you are going to use, and start saving money!

Once you get into the habit of you using online coupons and online coupon codes, especially through online coupon web sites, you’ll see the savings that you are realizing almost immediately. In this day and age when the price of just about everything is at an all-time high, using online coupons and online coupon codes makes a great deal of sense. They can help you maintain the lifestyle you are accustomed to without having to stretch your already strained budget even further. Using online coupons to help save money on your regular purchases is a win-win situation all around.

With online coupons and online coupon codes, you can save money on basically any type of purchase. Groceries, appliances, pet products, automobile accessories, hotels, travel fares, restaurant meals – savings can be realized with all of these by using online coupons or online coupon codes. For most of the things that you purchase, there is simply no reason not to use online coupons.

Rabu, 06 Oktober 2010

Finding Bargains On Baby Clothes On The Net

Baby clothing has become very expensive. In this day and age, many new parents struggle to make ends meet and to make certain that they have all of the clothing items that the need for their baby. If you are such a person, you will want to spend some time on the Internet. At this point in time, a new parent can find an array of solid bargains on the Internet when it comes to clothing for a baby.

If you have spent any time looking for brand new baby clothes at stores in the brick and mortar world, you may have found yourself suffering from complete sticker shock. Over the course of the past couple of decades, the costs of clothing for babies has escalated significantly.

In recent years, an ever growing number of parents have turned to the Internet in search of more reasonably priced clothing for their children. One type of websites venue that has gained in popularity in recent years when it comes to the search for lower cost baby clothing is the overstock website.

The typical overstock website generally carries a wide range of different types of merchandise. Oftentimes, you will be able to find a number of different products line for children -- from toys to clothing. In addition, frequently you will be able to find very high end baby clothing products at this type of website -- items that literally have been overstocked in other stores and have been reduced in price at such a site for quick clearance.

There are thousands of different websites in operation now that cater exclusively to the marketing of products and services for babies. These include sites dedicated to the selling of baby clothes. Of course, some of these sites cater to parents who are interested in buying more expensive -- perhaps even designer -- clothing for their baby. However, a large number of these sites have been established to lend assistance to the budget conscious parent in his or her search for more reasonably priced clothing.

Finally, in the grand tradition of hand-me-down clothing for a baby, a parent interested in finding lower cost baby clothing might want to surf over to one or another of the different auction sites on the Net. Through these sites, you will be able to find a large selection of different types of products for children and babies, including clothing. Oftentimes the items being offered for sale -- at very low prices -- at these sites are brand new items.

Selasa, 05 Oktober 2010

Finding A Good Ebay Seller And How To Spot The Bad Ones

EBay is possibly the largest online market place, with millions of transactions happening every day. You can find just about anything imaginable on eBay, from that toy you remember fondly from your childhood, to cars and houses. But along with this huge selection and resource there are dangers as well.

The core of the eBay experience is the auction concept where individual Sellers put items up for sale and Buyers can then bid on these items. Here in lies the danger. Who are these Sellers? Can you trust them? Will they send you your item after you have sent your payment? Will they supply customer service after the sale in case something goes wrong?

Many times you will have nothing to go on and you will have to place your trust in the eBay Seller. This is especially true of new Sellers and Sellers who only sell a few items and never build up a track record. But there are several ways that you can get a sense of the Seller before you bid on an item, especially from Sellers who have been on eBay a while or who sell a large number of items.

EBay has some useful tools to help you qualify the Seller ahead of time. The first and most valuable of these is the eBay Feedback system. Whenever a transaction is made on eBay both the Buyer and Seller have the opportunity to leave a short comment about the transaction. EBay calls these “Feedbacks.” The feedback can be labeled as Positive, Neutral, or Negative. Then a comment of about 80 characters can be left to further describe the purchase experience.

Mostly these feedback comments will praise fast shipping or the successful completion of the purchase. You can usually ignore these comments as they are either automatically placed (using an eBay option) or they are not carefully thought out. But if you look through the feedback comments you should see more specific feedbacks. These can be product reviews after a product has been tried, or they can be complaints.

The most important feedbacks to look for are negative feedbacks. These are easy to spot. First find the feedback page for the Seller you are investigating. Find the Seller name in the auction you are looking at. You will find this in an information box labeled “Seller Information” located in the upper right corner of the auction. Here you will find the Seller’s eBay name, the feedback rating of the Seller and the Seller’s Positive Feedback percentage. If your Seller has a 100% Positive Feedback rating, congratulations, you have found a Good eBay Seller!

If the Positive Feedback rating is less than 100% you should take a look at the actual Feedback Page. Next to the Seller’s name you will find a number. Click on this number to go to the Seller’s Feedback page. Once you are here take a look at the Recent Ratings box. This will give you a summary for the last month, the past 6 months and the past year. Look for Negative and Neutral Feedbacks. If there are only one or two Negative Feedbacks listed and the Seller has a lot of Positive Feedbacks it could be an isolated problem. But if the seller has more than 10 Negative Feedbacks during the past year, or more than 2 Negative Feedbacks in the past month you should look further.

Next look at the Feedbacks Received section, here is where you will find the actual comments left by the Buyers. Look through this list to find the Negative and Neutral feedbacks and read the Buyer comments. This will allow you to quickly judge the quality of this Seller.

The next thing to look for is the eBay Power Seller logo. This is a logo that eBay awards to sellers who maintain a certain level of sales per month and who also maintain a feedback rating of 98% or more. So a Power Seller will be a Seller who sells consistently on eBay and who keeps their customers happy. It goes without saying that a Seller with a 100% feedback rating and a large number of sales will also be an eBay Power Seller.

Another thing to watch out for is a recent eBay name change or a new eBay seller with little or no track record. In the Seller Information box in the Auction you will see a line stating how long this Seller has been an eBay member. The longer they have been a member of eBay the better, especially if they have a high Feedback Rating. This will tell you that they have not only kept their customers happy, but they have done so for a long time.

Be wary of new sellers, and be very wary of Sellers who have recently changed their eBay name. The easiest way for a Seller to get rid of a large number of negative feedbacks is to change their name. New name, no feedbacks. For the first 30 days of a name change eBay will put a note next to the new name letting you know that the name has been changed. After 30 days you will not be able to tell.

Finally, one of the best ways to judge a Seller is to ask the Seller a question. Good Sellers will answer questions quickly and completely. Bad Sellers will usually take a long time to answer or ignore your question all together. In the same Seller Information box you will find a link to “Ask the Seller a Question.” Simply click on this link and fill in the simple form. EBay will send the Seller an email with your question. Make sure that your question is specific enough to get a sense of how the Seller will treat you as a customer. If they are good they will answer you back quickly and fully.

EBay is a great market place and one of the most enjoyable places to shop online, but you do have to be careful.

• Look for Negative Feedbacks and be sure to read through them to see what the problems were.
• Look for the Power Seller Logo.
• Watch out for new Sellers and stay away from Sellers who have recently changed their eBay name.
• Ask the Seller a question. There is nothing like communicating directly with a Seller to set your mind at ease, or to convince you to look elsewhere.

There is no guarantee that you will find the perfect seller, but by using these recommended steps you will greatly improve your chances for a painless and enjoyable eBay experience.

Senin, 04 Oktober 2010

Find Cheap Digital Cameras On The Internet

Do you often take pictures? If you do you will, like me, notice the incredible advantages of photographs.

Everyday, the pictures we take of our lives and important moments of our children who are growing up are great ways of reminiscing. No matter how great any mind is, it can't keep all memories and pictures of such memories.

Thank God we now have the photograph. Now, we can use the photograph to record and keep events fresh in our memories.

However, the methods of picture-taking is now the issue. Previously, there used to be only one method, but now it has changed.

The innovation called the digital camera has now opened our eyes to a better method of taking photographs. With this innovation we are now able to record all our special moments without having to worry about the burdens of film development and washing of the films.

We simply use our home computers to process our photographs with ease. If you have a digital camera and a computer, simply plug in the former, upload your pictures and you are done.

If you haven't conformed to the age of technology yet, then visit your local superstores and check out the many cheap digital cameras that are available.

However, with the ease of browsing on the Internet you can now check for cheap digital cameras online. No matter the brand you want, they are all available online - from Kodak, Canon, Sony, Toshiba, etc, they all over you many products to choose from.

Just spend a little time browsing and you are sure to find a few cheap digital cameras of your choice.

You can't beat the convenience of a digital camera over your old-school models of camera. Apart from not having to visit the local film developer, you also have more control with the photographs when using digital camera.

Unlike your old-school cameras that gives you only tangible pictures, digital cameras allow you to save all of your pictures into your computer.

This makes it possible for you to send them to anyone you want to via email or straight download or view. The beauty is that it doesn't cost you a dime to do this. Also, you can print the pictures out and make yourself a hard copy. This way, you get the best of both worlds.

Are you shopping for cheap digital cameras? I am happy you want to experience the beautiful world of digital camera technology. Simply log onto Google and search through the many cheap digital cameras that are available.

Never forget this- pictures are very important to our memories. One look at an old photo and you go straight back to the memories of that particular occasion. So, it pays to hold on to those experiences forever. And with a digital camera, you can!

Minggu, 03 Oktober 2010

Find All Sorts Of Records Online!

Have you ever wondered what kind of information is available to you about the people you have to deal with in your life? Babysitters, employees, employers, boyfriends, girl friends, potential business partners all may have a personal history that if you knew may change your relationship considerably and in your favor as far as time, money, and safety is concerned.

Most of the records that you would be concerned with are open to the public accessibility is another thing entirely. Now if the person lived in your town or a nearby local for their whole life all you would have to do is go to the local county courthouse and fill out some paperwork to request and obtain the information that is of interest to you. Generally there are helpful people there to assist you.

But what if that isn't an option? What if the person in question is from another state, or country? What if you don't know where they are from at all? What if you can't get to the courthouse to pick up the records during business hours? And the questions go on and on...

Well I want to tell you about another option to locate and obtain records which is actually the most convenient, user friendly, large scale, and powerful option that there is. In fact it is the option that private investigators turn to 1st 9 times out of 10.

So what is it already? Well there are actually a number of databases that you can find on the internet that contain all of the records you could ever want on somebody. option that is a available to the average user. These are often found with a simple search on google for "internet investigation" or public records. They almost without exception include powerful search tools that allow you to identify a person without knowing all the details. Most of them have all of the records found on file for them for any court in the country.

Usually for such a service there is some sort of charge for such a valuable resource of public records. Generally is not prohibitive but my advice is to me cautious as you are choosing between these resources as some contain hidden costs and/or don't have the quality or depth of information that they claim to have. Common sense though is really all you need to make the right choice, as soon as you do you can instantly getting the information that you need.

Sabtu, 02 Oktober 2010

Fast Money Online

Fast money online might be an oxymoron. Sure, some have made a fortune from the Internet but the average person probably will not. You can make some money on the Internet if you keep focused and work steadily. Just like any home based business, it takes perseverance and diligence to bring in the extra income you are looking for.

Many programs on the Internet promise you big money for just a little effort. These are not always what they seem so be prepared to research carefully any programs that promise something for nothing.

You can make money on-line in many different ways; some don't take much effort on your part, but remember you get what you put into it.

Affiliate marketing is a way to make some extra cash from your website. You are partnering with someone else to sell their goods from your website. You receive a portion of the proceedings from each sale that is created from your website.

Another way to receive revenue from your website with little effort is to add advertising. Banner ads can bring you income from both the business that is generated from the advertisement and a click through rate based on how many "click" through to the advertised site.

One of the best ways to make fast money online is to sell items on any of the auction sites. There are a few you can look at; one of the biggest is eBay. It doesn't take a longtime to set up an account and you can start making money immediately.

Other methods of making money online are:

1. Start a referral system.
2. Connective employers with possible new employees.
3. Write weblogs.
4. Take surveys.

Diligent research and steadily working on it can make you a good second income. Find what you are best suited for and run with the idea!

Jumat, 01 Oktober 2010

Fake Credit Card Numbers Mean Safer Online Shopping

Isn't That Illegal?

Yes, using credit cards fraudulently is illegal. This article is absolutely not suggesting that you make up and use a credit card number. You should also never use credit cards belonging to other people.

Below is a summary of new services the credit card companies have created to make online credit card use more secure.

How Does It Work?

It is more appropriate to use the terms "temporary credit card numbers" or "single-use credit card numbers" rather than "fake credit card numbers."

Some credit card issuers allow customers to generate and use a credit card number that is different from the number on their plastic credit card.

Current Online Security Measures

Security-conscious online buyers should only submit their credit card numbers to web sites that are secured by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. You can tell if a web page is secure by looking for the following signs:

1. The page address in the browser address bar begins with https. The extra "s" means secure. Normal web page addresses begin with http.

2. The browser will usually display a closed lock or a complete key symbol when you are at a secure page.

3. Clicking or double-clicking the closed lock symbol (or the security symbol your browser uses) will usually show the security information for that website.

4. Secure (https) web pages will encrypt (scramble) your credit card information before sending it across the public internet. Chances are that a human being will never even view the information.

That Sounds Secure Enough. Why Do We Need Single-Use Credit Card Numbers?

It is a bonus to the consumer any time a vendor can provide an extra layer of security. Online credit card consumers can generate a separate credit card number for each online purchase, if they wish.

This easy-to-use extra security measure makes consumers more confident about buying with credit cards over the internet. Anyone who did view your information in transit would see only your encrypted information. Encrypted information looks like gibberish to everyone except the credit card company's computer.

Additionally, it is no longer necessary to submit online the credit card number imprinted on your physical credit card.

Will They Run Out Of Credit Card Numbers?

No! Assume that Earth's population is about 6 billion people. Most credit card numbers have 16 digits in this familiar pattern: nnnn-nnnn-nnnn-nnnn. Assume that each digit in a credit card number can assume any value between 0 and 9.

That works out to be almost 1.7 million credit card numbers available to every man, woman, and child on Earth!

Even if the first 4 digits are reserved for some reason, there are still about 170 credit card numbers available for every person on the planet. In short, the credit card companies will not run out of single-use credit card numbers.

How Are They Different From My Real Credit Card Number?

They are as valid as your plastic credit card to online merchants. Each single-use credit card number is linked to your primary credit card account. Purchases made with single-use numbers appear on your monthly statement. Refunds made to single-use numbers will appear as credits on your monthly statement.

OK, What's The Bad News?

There are certain circumstances under which you should not use a single-use credit card number to make an online purchase. This author learned from experience not to use a single-use number at home to purchase movie tickets from a popular online ticket vendor.

The problem occurred because the machine at the movie theater that dispenses the online movie tickets requires the insertion of your real plastic credit card. If you did not use your real credit card number to buy the tickets, the machine will not release your tickets.

Any online purchase that requires you to present your physical credit card at the venue should only be made with the number on your physical credit card. Web sites that sell movie and other tickets will warn you of this.

Furthermore, your online ticket purchase will come with a confirmation number. Write or print that number and take it with you in case of problems.


Single-use credit card numbers are easy to generate, make online buying safer and more secure, and give consumers extra confidence when making online purchases. Call your credit card company or visit their website to learn if it offers this extra peace of mind on your credit card account.

Use the links following this article to learn more about cash rebate credit cards and gas credit cards.