Sabtu, 30 Oktober 2010

Free Newsgroup Servers

Free newsgroup servers sound irresistible, don’t they? After all, your internet service provider probably doesn’t give you access to all the newsgroups you want, right? Or else you want access to particular types of newsgroups that just don’t make it onto any of major internet service provider lists.

Free newsgroup servers have often stepped up to the plate to foster free speech and the free exchange of ideas that are often all but ignored in the typical newsgroup. Let’s face it, the overwhelmingly majority of newsgroup users head straight for the binary groups where they can download free music, movies and lots and lots of pictures of naked women. If getting access to more of these types of newsgroups is what has you looking into free newsgroup servers, chances are you’ll be disappointed. If your ISP simply doesn’t provide enough newsgroups dedicated to girls posing naked for their boyfriends, you’d be much better off investing in pay sites featuring uncensored newsgroup access.

Many free newsgroup servers are hosted by universities. Remember, the internet was created originally as a method of universities communicating ideas to each other. Colleges and other educational institutions lead the way in offering up access to those with specialized interests. But these newsgroups are text-based, they exist for messages to be posted and responded to. If information is what really turns you on and you want to get away from the porno that infests even the driest of newsgroups your ISP offers access to, look into this kind of free newsgroup server.

In addition to the educational system, many large organizations, especially those in computer-related industries, have free newsgroup servers. These are for the most part dedicated wholly to their own products and business interests. For instance, if you work with products made by Microsoft or Adobe and want to share information and get information, you might look into this possibility. Wait a minute, you’re saying, I’ve already got access to newsgroups about every Microsoft product ever made courtesy of my ISP. Why would I need to search out an entirely different server dedicated to just their products?

For one thing, because Microsoft would be running the server, they can decide when to delete postings and how long to archive them. One of the main complaints about regular newsgroup servers is that the length of time a posting remains accessible varies greatly. Some messages hang around for a month or two while it always seems like the one you really wanted only lasted a day or two. In addition, dedicated newsgroup servers also prove very valuable as a product support mechanism. After all, many product support sites don’t offer very much support, but when you’re dealing with people who’ve had the same problem with a product as you and shares your agony, the help is often much more valuable.

The thing to remember is that there are some real free newsgroup servers out there, but most don’t post images or other media files so if that’s what is attracting you to the idea, look elsewhere.

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