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Everybody’s Doing It: 3 Reasons You Should Have An Ebay Store

Testing the Waters

If you’ve ever dreamed of quitting your job and going into business for yourself, you may have considered online retail. But opening your own website is quite an undertaking—you’ll need to get a URL for your website, acquire a shopping cart, have someone design your web pages, get listed with the major search engines. And you’re going to have to pay for all those services up front, which means you’ll need to have some capital set aside. So before you tell your boss what you really think of his toupee, you may want to consider trying a less-drastic route first—the eBay store.

eBay stores are a great way to get a feel for whether or not selling online suits you. It’s a very simple entry point that lets you test the waters without committing a lot of your money or time. The cost is only $16.95 a month and the first thirty days are free—a pretty safe investment.

5 Benefits to Choosing eBay

eBay takes care of much of the busywork associated with running an eBiz . There are numerous advantages to starting an eBay store before attempting to create your own website:

• eBay hosts your site, provides you with a URL, a shopping cart, and an easy-to-use tool that lets you quickly design an attractive storefront.

• eBay takes care of search engine optimization for you—making sure you will be listed with the major search engines.

• When you start an eBay store, you have an immediate presence online—from day one, you have 170 million customers.

• eBay has an 800 number with live support.

• eBay provides workshops, at no extra cost, on how to implement the various tools they offer.

3 eBay Tools You Should Be Using

eBay offers built in channels for growing your business. What amazes Janelle Elms, successful e-business author and lead instructor for eBay University, is how many sellers are “not taking advantage of all the amazing tools that eBay gives you for that $16 every month.” Three of eBay’s biggest untapped resources:

• An opt-in newsletter to keep your eBay store in front of your customers. A series of clicks and pull down menus, and your newsletter is ready to go in a matter of minutes. A simple source to keep your customers coming back, but many people don’t even realize that option is available to them.

• RSS Feed (Really Simple Syndication). Once you turn this button on, all your buyers have to do is click on it, and every time you put new products in your store or up for auction, they’ll get an update telling them what you’ve added. Elms refers to RSS Feed as “a legal version of a pop-up ad.”

• Printable brochures of your eBay store to send out with every package to show your customers what else you offer and to remind them to shop with you again.

eBay stores are user-friendly: anyone can run an one. In addition to being a great proving ground for your online retail skill, you may find it to be a very profitable enterprise in and of itself.

Rabu, 29 September 2010

Ever Thought of Running a Poker Website?

Running your own poker website can be very profitable and a lot of fun. In the current climate of uncertainty in the employment market, starting and running your own poker web site offers a realistic way to make a very good monthly income that is both sustainable and constantly increasing.

These days more and more people are turning towards the internet to find ways of making extra cash or even to make a full time income and one of the best is to start a poker information website.

There are numerous advantages to starting a poker website; an enormous customer base, flexibility, the fact that you can start with virtually no money at all, and best of all - the chance to make a really good income online.

Now there are some truly awful poker sites out there but that is in fact a great advantage for you if you decide to build your own poker site. The fact that so many poker websites are of very poor quality means that you can build up a strong and loyal following just by offering a service that is better than the majority of the rubbish out there.

People search the internet for one thing above all others, and that of course is information. If they are looking on the web to learn more about their favorite poker player they want to go to a site where there is some decent, well written content. If they find what they are looking for then they will come back again and you will have gained a loyal customer.

If on the other hand they are taken to a page where there's nothing of interest and all the site is doing is trying to sell them something, they will leave quickly and probably never return.

Once you have enticed your visitors in to look at your site and they have found valuable information, they will be in a mood that is more predisposed towards buying so if you do have something to sell, you are far more likely to buy it.

So provide valuable information for your visitors and you will be miles ahead of all the other junk and spam poker sites out there.

Selasa, 28 September 2010

Evaluate Your Website Risk for Becoming Obsolete

Small business owners satisfied with the look of their commercial website may be in for a surprise, soon. Some designers have ignored advice from the Worldwide Web Consortium, W3C, the international authority establishing standards for code to create web sites. There are new reasons to reconsider the W3C recommendations.

Browser companies choose what they will support within the W3C standards, and most try to fully comply. Your pages may continue looking okay for years to come because most browsers will support your code no matter what W3C recommends. The impact on search engines may be the real issue, however, and could be more serious in 2 years, or less.

What's expected to happen? The search engine wars are a constant battle of changing the math algorithms to list search results. Too often the results are loaded up front with nonsensical or unrelated sites because of creative designers who get high ranking with remotely related sites, plus a ton of phone directory lists, or other paid listings near the top. The value to the person using the search engine is diminished, and this trend has not been overlooked by the major search engines. They each want to be the best.

Top search engine optimization experts are predicting that the methods used for listings must and will become friendlier to the real customer, the person searching. Some are suggesting that part of this improvement includes placing higher value for ranking on sites with valid code. Site owners enjoying Google page 1 listing, may very soon find their home page back 100 pages or worse if they do not have zero or near zero code errors. This is especially important for commercial sites designed more than 5 years ago.

When you consider most web designs may never become obsolete because browser companies have too much to lose not supporting older code, why the big fuss?

W3C has other recommendations some designers choose to ignore including XHTML which is a code standard designed for the future, so issues other than favorable placement in search engines need to be considered. There are advantages in XHTML that will sound like a foreign language to the average small business entrepreneur at first. An overview follows.

Having a design for the future means that not only will your pages display properly on devices in use today, each will still look great 10 years from now on new computing devices yet to be invented. Most sites that use HTML and tables for the layout include code errors as a result of changes in code standards over the last few years.

Tables are still a valid technique for true tables of information, however, the code may continue to deteriorate as more tags become obsolete thus increasing the number of errors on a site. Like many web sites done in HTML, redesign may be necessary sooner than expected. Will your web site still look okay 10 years from now? Probably, however, the importance of designing without tables for layout plus zero or near zero code errors is gaining in significance for reasons beyond favorable search engine ranking.

Next, there is an emerging issue that is being ignored by the majority of web site designers, and that is accessibility. In short, equipment exists today that allow people with disabilities to browse the internet with devices specially designed to improve their experience. Voice synthesizers now read content in a choice of voices, and XHTML design techniques allow for this easily. These special devices depend on reading the hidden code used to create each page, and using tables or obsolete tags will mean defects or garbled output as the special reader sorts through the various extra code from the tables. Blind people have devices that print Braille dots on an output device so they can read page content, also. These accessibility issues are solved with a forward looking design using XHTML, yet there's more.

Handheld devices like iPods and cell phones are another aspect of accessibility that may cause problems for some web site owners. As these methods of surfing the internet gain in popularity, proper display of web sites on these devices may be an issue. The forward looking design assures that pages will display well on the widest range of devices, current and future, thus giving the site owner a broader audience rather than lost opportunity because their pages were not accessible.

There are more benefits to XHTML with CSS, including fewer lines of code to create the same effect as done in HTML with tables. This means pages will load faster, and the real page content is easier to index by search engines because it's not surrounded by excess code using tables. By comparison on a recent project, the old home page used over 500 lines of code. The revised version utilizes just 170 lines to display nearly identical content.

W3C, the Worldwide Web Consortium, the international body for establishing code standards for web design, strongly recommends that designers adopt XHTML with CSS and avoid tables for layout entirely. It takes less than a minute to check the code on your web site. Search in Google using the quotation marks for "The W3C Markup Validation Service", and then follow the link to W3C to check your web site for free with instant results.

In conclusion, the future is now when it comes to new computing devices used to browse the internet. Shifts in search engine strategy could be equally important. Plan now and avoid losing sleep worrying about your web site becoming obsolete. As a final tip, it makes sense to have a site review every 2 years with your web site designer to discuss advantages of emerging strategies.

Senin, 27 September 2010

Europe: Places to Meet Pure Bred Aristocracy and Royalty

Want to meet a Duke or a true Prince and Princess? One of the easiest and most convenient places to meet pure royalty is at one of the prestigious hotel casinos. They hang out at many of the following five casinos and, once you are in, you can interact with them, play against them and if you are good enough, even beat them. Wouldn't you like to boast that you defeated a King? These five hotel casinos give you that chance.

But do not expect an all you can eat buffet or players with baseball caps and cool shades. Come dressed elegantly and only then will you be let in to share a baccarat game with pure-bred European aristocracy.

The European casinos listed here are the largest and the most luxurious casinos in Europe. Their appointed clientele is less the seasonal tourist gambler and more the upper crust. So, if you are looking for a stylish way to spend your latest lottery winning, you can shoot the dice in one of the casinos listed below while your traveling partners lie around the French Riviera beaches or go on wild shopping trips in the streets of London or Moscow.

1) Casino de Monte Carlo, Monaco:
Monte Carlo has been the favorite gaming destination of Europe's rich and famous for almost 150 years with the first casino that was founded by Prince Charles III of Monaco in 1863. Casino de Monte Carlo is a complex of five posh casinos located by the seashore and decorated in French rococo style with marbled columns, golden ornaments and crystal chandeliers. The overall environment would make you feel like an extra in a French history movie.

2) Casino Metropol, Moscow:
The Russian Federation has the biggest number of casinos and slot machines in Eastern Europe. The best casinos for tourists are obviously the ones located in hotels. Casino Metropol is part of the five star Hotel Metropol, which is not only one of the most elegant casino hotels in the area but it is also conveniently located in the center of Moscow within a walking distance from the Red Square and the Kremlin. The lowest minimum table requirement is 25 dollars and a night at the presidential suite will cost you 2,000 dollars.

3) Baden Baden Casino, Baden Baden, Germany:
The veteran European casino was founded in 1809 and although it has changed several ownerships since then, its reputation as one of the finest casinos in Europe in general and in Germany in particular has not change. Nowadays, the Baden Baden Casino is one of the city's landmarks along with the famous thermal baths. If you ignore the table games and the slot machines, walking through the 32,289 square foot casino looks as similar to a visit in an European art museum with permanent exhibits of oil paintings and sculptures.

4) The Clermont Club, London, England:
If you are visiting the UK, you cannot just pop into a casino but have to apply for a membership at least a day ahead. If you plan to follow this procedure, the Clermont Club in Berkeley Square is one of the most reputable gaming clubs around. Set in a 17th century building, the Clermont Club was designed to resemble the Great Hall at Holkham. In addition to its friendly and convenient gaming room, the Clermont Club includes a bar and a clubroom where members and their guests can lounge over a banquet of a vintage bottle of champagne. Note that playing at online casinos is legal in the UK, so you can just pop into any internet cafe for online games.

5) Casino Barriere de Deauville, Deauville, France:
The elegant seaside casino resort had inspired Ian Fleming in depicting the Casino of Royale les Eaux in his first James Bond novel Casino Royale. First founded in the 1860s by the Duc de Morny, the extravagant palace is one of the most beautiful casinos in the world. In addition to its gaming facilities, Casino Barriere hosts variety of exclusive entertainment shows as well as cultural and artistic events.

Minggu, 26 September 2010


Eurid, otherwise known as the European Registry of Internet Domain names, is a not for profit organization based in Belgium that is specifically established to run the new .eu registry. Eurid has been appointed by the European Commission to handle the registration and management of .eu domain names. In fact, as recent as December 7, 2005, Eurid has begun accepting applications for .eu domain names. Further, if individuals pay close attention to the registration dates, they may be able to take advantage of the .eu registration offers by registering for a .eu domain name with a domain registrar. Let’s take a look at how the .eu registration process is framed and how the .eu domain registration process is expected to proceed:

1. First, .eu domains are being rolled out in three phases: Sunrise I, Sunrise II and Landrush. The first phase, Sunrise I, began on December 7th. Further, the second phase of the .eu domain registration process, Sunrise II, expected to commence on February 7th, 2006. Later, the Landrush phase, or phase three is expected to begin on April 7th 2006.

2. In Sunrise I, which began on 7th December, Government bodies were offered first picks on .eu domain registering. Government bodies began registering for domain names and such bodies were located all over the globe. In fact, the highest percentage of .eu domain registration applications have been coming in from Germany, followed by France, the Netherlands, the UK, Belgium, Sweden, Italy and Austria respectively.

3. In Sunrise II, set for February 7th 2006, trademark owners, companies and other holders of established rights can apply for .eu domain registration. In fact .eu domain registrars makes the entire process of registration fast and simple.

4. Due to the fact that the Landrush phase begins April 7th, 2006, a phase that opens up .eu domain registration to everyone, the time to think about registration is now. In fact, .eu domain names are expected to go relatively fast and if you don’t have a few .eu domain registration names in mind, you might find that you miss out on a terrific opportunity.

5. It is especially important to note that .eu domains are aimed at business established in Europe or operating across the EU. Therefore, you don’t have to necessarily reside in Europe if you want to register for a .eu name, but you can register for a .eu domain name if your website will appeal to a European audience or you desire to conduct business with a European audience. In fact, in registering for an .eu domain name, you are giving the opportunity to increase your web viewing audience and subsequently, you are afforded the opportunity to increase the popularity of your website or business site.

6. It pays to know that .eu domain registration is likely to be popular - as a lot of the most popular domains have gone for .com / co.uk. Thus, once again, signing up for a .eu domain name when the domains are still fairly diverse ensures that you will get a domain name that is easily accessible, relatively short and easy to remember. There is no time like the present and if you are interested in the .eu domain names, you need to sign up for one at a reputable website like www.discountdomainsuk.com as soon as you are possibly able to do so. If you wait, you may not get the .eu domain name you desire and everyone knows that the right domain name can have positive affects on your business or incoming web traffic.

7. There exists a search engine advantage to having your keywords in your domain name. In fact, with keywords in your domain name, your ranking in search engines goes even higher and a high rating in a search engine improves the popularity of your site. Therefore, registering for a new .eu domain name will help you get a domain name that is ranked high in search engines all over the Internet.

8. Now is the time to register for .eu domain names, as it is likely to be popular for the next year then settle down. The reason being is that, at their current pace, .eu domain names are going fast and after the first year or so, the most popular .eu domain names will be gone. So, if you want in on the .eu bandwagon, the time to start thinking about getting a .eu domain name is now.

9. As proof that .eu domain names will go incredibly fast, Eurid announced that they received 80,000 applications during the first hour of business! Such statistics are a testament to the popularity of .eu domain names and it also stands as a good indication that if you don’t register quickly, you can miss out on the Internet opportunity of a lifetime.

10. Some 800 registrars have already signed up and are offering .eu domain names. Again, if you want to get on the .eu domain name wave, then you better get yourself to a domain registrar’s site and fast! .eu domain names the race is on and the clock is ticking.

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Etiqueta de Poquer

Si eres un principiante en el juego, o mas bien un experto que se ha dedicado toda la vida a apuestas y partidos de Póquer, aprender las normas de conducta nunca esta de mas. Aquí te presentamos algunas reglas no tan estrictas pero importantes a la hora de demostrar tu estilo y profesionalismo.

En el Póquer:
1) No debes mirar ni intentar leer las cartas de los demás jugadores antes de que ellos mismos expongan las cartas en la mesa. No es considerado apropiado.

2) No debes revelar el contenido de tus cartas antes de terminar ese partido o mano. Si lo haces los demás jugadores sabrán si has mentido o como es tu situación. También podrán saber que otras cartas quedan en las manos de los demás jugadores.

3) No debes comenzar la jugada si todavía no llego tu turno. No lo hagas ni en broma, y si lo haces por error, pide disculpas a los demás jugadores ya que es un acto que no es aceptado en el poquer.

4) No debes amontonar las fichas del partido apiñadamente o desordenadamente. Probablemente va a molestar en la mesa a los demás jugadores, e interferir en el reparto de las cartas.

5) No debes ayudar a demás jugadores ni decir cosas que influyan sus a sus decisiones en el partido. Puede causar problemas entre todos los jugadores. Cada uno deberá tomar sus propias decisiones y equivocarse es parte del juego.

6) No debes usar el teléfono celular en el casino. Si estas en medio del partido y debes recibir una llamada urgente pide disculpas a los demás jugadores y retírate del partido hasta que termines de hablar.

7) No debes hacer trampa ni estafar. Pretender que tienes mejores cartas de las que tienes es parte del juego, pero la trapa y la estafa están prohibidos.

8) No debes maldecir o usar lenguaje obsceno en el partido de Póquer. Tampoco debes amenazar al repartidor del juego ni a cualquiera de los jugadores. Es importante mantener la calma a pesar de los resultados del juego.

9) Es importante respetar el partido sin quebrar, llorar, estropear las cartas a la mesa o a las fichas.

10) Finalmente, no traigas objetos electrónicos como cámara fotográfica o filmadora, radio, etc. Son artículos inapropiados para mantener el estado neutral en un partido de Póquer.

11) No debes fumar deliberadamente en medio del partido. En muchos casinos esta prohibido, y si juegas con amigos asegurate que no moleste a ninguno.

Todas estas normas, como mencione previamente, no están escritas en ningún reglamento del Póquer pero si son importantes de respetar y recordar a la hora que te propongas jugar. Disfruta tu juego y buena suerte!

Jumat, 24 September 2010

Ethos FR-Ingredient for success!

In all my years networking I've been told that in order to spot the right opportunity you have to take 2 things into consideration:



Every where you turn you can see the frustration in the American Publics eye when it comes to the subject of ever rising fuel cost.

While oil companies boast multi-billion dollar profits, the people are left looking for relief.


Ethos FR in my opinion is the best ingredient for success that I've ever seen.
Not only can you use this product in your fuel tank to increase your vehicles gas mileage, and clean out your entire fuel system, it can also be used in your crank case and cleans put your entire engine resulting in a smoother running, longer lasting vehicle and lower fuel and maintenance costs.

Ethos fr has been featured in several news stories from top dogs like Fox, NBC, ABC...
and is also backed by china to the tune of around $7million a month. Our own Government even uses this Ethos FR in military and secret service vehicles.

Credibility like this is envied in the network marketing industry. Already over 56,000 people have enrolled in the pre-launch of 4-E Corp.

With that said, I recommend everyone try Ethos FR. The worst thing that can happen is you could save money on gas.

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Entertainment coupon book register

For some people no matters how tight the budget gets, they can count on one thing that is entertainment. In today’s world all are busy in daily work and want some entertainment from routine life but it’s not always possible for a family person as it counts a lot.

With entertainment coupon book register you can enjoy your life. a coupon is like a ticket that is being exchanged for getting an financial discount or rebates. This coupon can be easily found at shop, newspaper and on internet.

Internet is the best way to get a entertainment coupon book as you don’t have to go anywhere you can get it online with all the detailed information related to shop, theaters, traveling, restaurants, hotel, shopping malls and many more where in exchange of coupon you get discount. Because they are can easily printed out by consumer himself and are very quickly and easily available.

Online coupon sites make your finding easier. On some sites you may need to do registration and one some not. Read all the policies carefully before entering all your personal information.

You may get free promotional code which is also called as free shipping code. These promotional codes have many special offers from many of big brands. You can use such codes anywhere like hospital, traveling, cosmetic and many more and one great thing is that you can use this promotional coupon along with other promotional offers.

Now you don’t have to think to take your family for movie, traveling or restaurant Just enjoy your day with your love ones.

Anna Josephs is a freelance journalist having experience of many years writing articles and news releases on various topics such as pet health, automobile and social issues. She also has great interest in poetry and paintings, hence she likes to write on these subjects as well. Currently writing for this website Borders Coupon Book. For more details please contact at annajosephs@gmail.com

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Enjoying with Free Internet TV

Free Free Free this easily attracts someone attention. Do you think in today world can we get anything for free, yes friends its true we can; now you can enjoy your favorite Television show on internet without paying any charges. Isn’t that sounding great?

Internet TV is an internet television tuner card with you can watch 100’s of online channels for free. Your favorite daily shows which is live broadcast from all over the world of different language and different cultures.

You can enjoy free internet TV without installing TV tuner card. A high speed of internet connection will deliver you superior audio and video. For free internet TV no registration is required. You can watch it in regular or in full-mode according to your choice.

Free internet TV allows you to enjoy your daily programs without updating, this software comes with free automatic TV stations. So it will never be out of date. For fast and good service search for an good site which offer you instant service so that you can download this software easily and without any virus in your pc.

Not only entertainment but also news, sports, business and many more other category channels can be viewed with your free internet TV. Now you dint have to pay your cable operator or anyone else, with free internet TV you can watch television show for free and without any monthly or yearly subscription. So what you all are waiting for stop paying to your cable operator and start enjoy free.

Anna Josephs is a freelance journalist having experience of many years writing articles and news releases on various topics such as pet health, automobile and social issues. She also has great interest in poetry and paintings, hence she likes to write on these subjects as well. Currently writing for this website Free Internet TV. For more details please contact at annajosephs@gmail.com

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Emoticons are those cute little faces and gestures that are used in several different types of online communication. The main function of an emoticon is to help convey some sense of emotion that may or may not be apparent in the selection of the words entered into the communication. By using emoticons, it is possible for the writer to convey a clearer sense of the attitude or emotion that he or she wishes to present with the text of the message.

Emoticons are often referred to as smileys. The reason for this is that most of the designs for the emoticon are based on the popular round smiling face that became an icon in the late 1960's. Simple in design, various emoticons can be used to convey such diverse feelings as happiness, joy, perplexity, anger, hurt, skepticism, and sadness.

How Are Emoticons Used?

Just about any type of online or electronic communication allows use of emoticons. Many people use them within the text of emails, assuming the configuration of the email templates allow the insertion of the characters. The emoticon can be repeated several times for emphasis, or spaced throughout the text of the email, if the sender wishes.

Message boards are another common spot to find emoticons. As with emails, the emoticon allows the individual posting a message on the message board to more accurately convey the emotions behind the words typed into the message. This can be especially important, when the topic under discussion is somewhat controversial, and different posters are sharing a wide range of opinions.

Instant messaging and chat rooms are another example of online communications where the emoticon can be very useful. In the one on one world of instant messaging, the use of an emoticon can be a quick shorthand to convey a sentiment. For example, instead of typing out "I love you" in a text message, the sender can opt to use the emoticon that features a beating heart as part of the image. When preparing to end the instant messaging conversation, the user may choose to use an emoticon that denotes a hugging movement, or a kiss.

How Can I Make Emoticons?

Keystrokes can be used to create basic emoticons in some instances. This is particularly true with drafting emails. The process usually involves using two or more keystrokes that "tell" the system what type of emoticon to create. It is relatively easy to memorize the basic keystrokes for the most often used emoticons, and key them into the text using this method.

With some services, the end user does not have to be concerned with trying to use keystrokes to create various emoticons. For example, in a message board environment, there is often a tray of available emotions. The user simply uses the mouse to choose an emoticon on the tray, and it will appear in the message. The same approach often works with instant messaging as well. Most instant messaging services include a limited selection of emoticons, but also allow end users to purchase wider selections that help to convey a wider range of emotions.

Senin, 20 September 2010

Emergency response teams using HughesNet

Emergency response teams have to communicate with many departments such as fire stations and police within the shortest possible time possible. During an emergency important communication mediums such as telephones and mobile services can go down. Even Internet connectivity using cable or telephone may not function. Satellite Internet connectivity is one of the best ways to communicate during an emergency. Loved ones desperately try to connect with family members and friends to know their whereabouts. As the leading Satellite Internet service provider in America, HughesNet takes the onus of keeping their services live and running during an emergency. They take all measures to ensure that emergency response teams can quickly connect with other essential services to bring quick relief to people in need.
As the name suggests Satellite Internet connectivity uses satellite and a dish on the ground to transmit signals which establish the connection with the World Wide Web. In many recent emergencies such as the San Diego fires, emergency teams have been using the services of HughesNet with success. In many of the areas where wild fires have broken out during recent times, residents did not have broadband connection because the areas are in the interior parts. HughesNet provides Satellite Internet connections to the boonies. Affected people were able to connect with the loved ones using e-mails and VoIP phones. In this way Satellite Internet brings a great deal of relief to people affected by these fires as well as any other emergencies. Emergency vehicles can use the satellite dish for communication purposes.
There have been many incidents in United States where Satellite Internet connectivity has brought great relief during emergencies. During the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina many emergency response vehicles were fitted with transportable broadband satellites. The best part of Satellite Internet access is an antenna and a clear view of the Southern sky is all that is required to get the connection up and running. Irrespective of the geography of the emergency, HughesNet can offer high speed Internet access during an emergency. HughesNet offers Continuity of Operations Solutions (COOP) that is designed to stay operational even when other terrestrial systems fail. These systems are operational 24/7 and help a great deal during the time of emergency. The Florida Emergency Management agency (FLEMA) is an example of one Government agency that uses HughesNet solutions.
Emergency response teams are well equipped with communication equipment. The COOP solutions of the company have many different types of equipment which are designed specifically for use in emergency situations. Some of the emergency packages are Hughes Internet Access 400 and Hughes Internet Access 300 which come at packages between US$250 and US$500. If emergency response companies do not have the need of entire packages they can avail equipments and services such as the Network Gateway device or implementation services. No other Satellite Internet service provider in America has the reach and capability to offer emergency service solutions such as HughesNet. The company solves many hurdles that are faced by emergency workers during an emergency be it a wildfire or a terrible hurricane like Katrina.

Minggu, 19 September 2010

Embrace Rapid Change

We are living in a very unique time period. Innovation happens faster than we can process it, especially on the internet. If you literally take a week off, you have missed a ton. There's a good chance you missed Google's latest release, Apple's newest iPod, or AOL's legal battle. Take a few months off and you've probably missed the introduction of a technology that will be pivotal in the future (think about how hot AJAX is right now and most of us hadn't heard of it a year ago).

While it can be exciting to just sit back and soak in all of the amazing things happening, it can also be extremely stressful as an internet entrepreneur trying to keep up. If you are like me, you probably subscribe to a bunch of email newsletters and print magazines. It seems like each one is talking about how to increase my traffic by doing x or increase my conversions by doing y, and if I don't do it now I will fall behind and my business will fail. It can be enough to make your head explode.

What are we to do? For obvious reasons, the worst thing you can do is stop reading those newsletters and magazines. You need to stay up to date on what is going on in your industry. Going into a shell and focusing entirely on your business without contact with the outside world will lead to missed opportunities. Learning should not be considered a finite thing - we should always be growing our knowledge base. We will never know everything that we need to know.

That said, we also need to understand that we can't possibly adapt every single change available to us. Any entrepreneur should have a business plan that conveys the major goals of the business, and should try to adhere to it. It will undoubtedly be a fluid, living document that changes over time, but still maintains the core goals of the business.

In the course of your reading, if you encounter a technique or technology that will directly help you meet those goals, then you should certainly pursue it. If not, make note of it and move on. I keep an 'idea book' where I write down any ideas I have that are not directly applicable to my current business. That way the idea isn't lost for the future, but it also doesn't clutter my mind now.

You have two choices - hate change and watch your business fall behind, or learn to embrace it by implementing exciting pertinent technologies. After all, isn't it better to live in a time with rapid change as opposed to a hundred years ago when major change only happened once or twice in a life time?

Sabtu, 18 September 2010

Email To Telephone - Innovative Tool Or High Tech Hype?

What will those technology geeks come up with next? Hardly a day goes by anymore, that some new and "cool" high tech gadget or service is unveiled. Anyway, one of latest I've come across is something called "email to telephone" and I just wanted to pass along my thoughts on this "potentially" time-saving and innovative tool.

Email to Telephone does pretty much what the name implies. It allows you to send or receive email messages over the phone. More specifically, it allows you to listen to email messages over the phone and it also allows you to send voice messages as email via any type of phone - cell, satellite or land-line.

At first glance, I didn't feel it was something that had a whole bunch of inherit value but the more I looked at it the more my eyes were opened. It's probably not for everyone but then again, in this crazy "to and fro" world, it's another one of those high tech tools that can save us a little more of that most precious and valued resource of all - time.

I've come up with a few reasons why "email to telephone" may be right for you.

Unreliable or Non Existent Internet Access
Internet access isn't always reliable. In many parts of the world and even in some of the less populated areas of the United States internet access isn't always what many of us have come to expect - fast and reliable.

What's nice about "email to telephone" is that you don't need internet access to continue to stay in the communication loop because you can still send and receive email messages via your phone. This technology allows you to continue to monitor all of your messages regardless of where you find yourself.

You can keep monitoring your email even if you find yourself outside of the digital coverage area of your phone, such as deserts or mountains. In areas where you can no longer send text messages you can still listen to your email messages because this technology also works an analog signal.

Curiosity Killed the Cat
If you're anything like me you've become accustomed to staying in the know and now you can. You now have access to your computer's email inbox pretty much anywhere, anyplace, anytime. On the one hand a nice benefit, but by no stretch of the imagination a life saving benefit. However, from a peace of mind or psychology perspective having the type of access that "email to telephone" affords you is hard to put a price on.

Multi Tasking
Receiving emails by phone is ideal for the busy individual on the run and in today's hectic world - who isn't busy. Between work, errands, the kids and everything else we don't always have the time to sit down in front of our computer - at work or home. But we can always find a little dead time while traveling to check our phone for messages.

Instant Alerts
Some people need instant alerts. There job requires that they can be contacted at all times. Information Technology (IT) people are perfect example. If a company's website goes down for lengthy period of time, the CEO won't be pleased if the IT manager says, "Sorry, I was out to lunch."

Other people have the misfortune of having to deal with and communicate with high-tech show-offs like myself. For these unfortunate people, who don't necessarily have the same type of passion for 21st century technology "email to telephone" can be one avenue that will allow them to join the modern world.

I've outlined just a few of the advantages of "email to telephone" and hopefully I've opened your mind to the many possibilities this exciting technology has to offer. On the hand, only you can decide if it's right for you but even if you're one of those technology dinosaurs who doesn't easily adapt, this technology may still be for you because it's not only cool but it's also easy to use. Technology… you've got to love it!

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Jumat, 17 September 2010

Email Etiquette – More Than Just Manners

We all understand the importance of good “people skills” when it comes to our interpersonal communication – it helps us get the results we need. Our communication determines the opinion others have of us – knowledgeable or ignorant, pleasant or rude, professional or immature. Most of the time this is in face-to-face or telephone conversations where we have some control over the impression we make on others.

When it comes to netiquette (Network Etiquette), it’s not as easy to control how others perceive us, and yet it’s even more important. Why? Because what you write and how you use email can affect whether your email gets delivered, read, or responded to – and what that response is! In addition, there are numerous “technology traps” that are easy to fall into. Have you ever seen someone accidentally send an angry or sensitive response to a huge group of people by using the ”Reply All” key?

And before you say to yourself "I already know" and stop reading this article, realize that every single one of us could benefit from a few simple reminders on the proper use of email, not just from a personal view but also from a business standpoint. If you're doing business on the internet – and using email to communicate with your customers – then this article is a must read for you! You may already know many of these tips, but even the most experienced user will find a few rules you were not aware of or have fallen into the habit of breaking.

Think, write, and think again.
Email is a static, one-way channel – unlike live communication, there’s no way to get immediate feedback (from facial expressions or voice responses) to know if we are being effective or even understood. So think twice before hitting the send key. Is there ANY chance that the recipient might misinterpret what you want them to understand? Do your thoughts come across as abrupt or angry? Could this email accidentally affect your reputation? The hastily written word may lack feelings and the true emotion you intended. You might be smiling as you type, but your note could come across as sarcastic or mean-spirited. Remember – there’s a person on the other end, not just a computer.

Use a meaningful subject line.
This is the first thing your reader will see, so use the space to help them understand the contents of the email even before they open it. Using the same rule from above, type in a subject that relates to the message you're sending, rather than leaving the subject blank. Without a subject line your note will probably be seen as another piece of junk mail – not everyone will recognize who you are just from your email address. Many internet service providers (ISP’s) filter out suspicious looking email, and a blank subject is a big red flag. Also, try to avoid generic words like "Hi" or "Check This Out" to avoid having the recipients spam or virus software delete your message!

The beginning, and the end.
Always use a salutation, even if it’s short. Start your message with "Hi", or "Hello", or "Dear", whatever works best for the intended recipient, and whatever reflects your personality. Think about this: when you call someone on the telephone, don't you say "Hello" before telling them what you want? Email messages should be no different. At a minimum, address the email to the person.

Don't forget the end of your message too! Always sign your messages with your name, and say "Thank You", or "Sincerely", or something else appropriate. You can even setup a signature in your email program that will automatically display your information at the bottom of every email message you send. For directions, use your email programs help file and do a search for signature.

Protect your recipient’s identity – use “To:”, “CC:” and “BC:” properly.
There are a few simple netiquette rules for using the address fields in email.

If your email is being sent to just one person or email address, place it in the "To:" field. This should be the person who is responsible for sending you a reply.

When your email is being sent to more than one person and all the recipients truly need to know who else is receiving it, put all the addresses in the “CC:” field.

For email sent to multiple recipients who have no real reason to know the names and email addresses of everyone else to whom it is being sent, put all the addresses in the “BCC:” field.

(Some email software requires at least one address to be placed in the “To:” field. Put your own email address in the “To:” section if this is required.)

By default, not every email program has the BCC field available for viewing. If you cannot see the Bcc field in your program, check your programs help file for directions.

Give memory a helping hand.
When replying to emails, include a copy of the prior notes you’ve traded with the person on the topic, don't just send a new one. I may receive 50 emails a day that need a reply and it’s not always possible to remember every single 'conversation' with every single person. Please don’t make your reader go looking through their ‘sent items’ folder or email ‘recycle bin’ to refresh their memory!

Use the ‘Read Receipt’ sparingly.
In some cases, it's crucial for both parties to know that a message was received. However, in normal day-to-day activities you should not request a read receipt for every single message you send. It's annoying to the recipient to have to click that pop up box every time they get your email. And it is an invasion of privacy. Don't forget – just because they have received it doesn't mean they have necessarily read it, so receiving a read receipt doesn't actually prove anything other than that the message was received. And for day to day communications, is that really necessary?

The boy who cried wolf. Do not send all your messages as URGENT, or HIGH PRIORITY. If your recipients keep receiving messages marked that way, then eventually the red exclamation point loses it's effectiveness – except to reinforce how important YOU think you are. Reserve these messages for those that are of utmost importance!

Avoid special formatting.
For your day-to-day messages, don't use colored email backgrounds, colored fonts, special fonts, images or other "pretty" type of formatting to your messages. Keep them clean – this makes it easier for the intended recipient to read them and reply. It's best to send messages in plain text to ensure everyone will be able to read them, since not everyone has their email set to receive html emails. You would be amazed at how bad your note may look to someone viewing their email on a handheld device or an older computer. By keeping your emails clean, they will also load much faster for the recipient!

Don’t SHOUT!
If you type in all capital letters, your reader will see this as yelling, or they will think that you were just too lazy to use proper text formatting. It’s also hard on the eyes – did you know that it takes longer to read something written in all caps than it does to read something that is properly formatted?

Proof, spell-check, and use proper formatting.
Poor writing skills are a direct reflection on you! And the reader never forgets the person who writes an undecipherable message. Spell checking will prevent most misspelled words, but you should always proof your email in case you've written the incorrect word (that was spelled correctly). For example, month and moth, where and were, all look correct to a spell-check program. Use proper capitalization, punctuation and formatting. Break your paragraphs when the subject changes, or if they become too long. Don't use excessive formatting (too much bold, too many exclamation points and question marks, etc.) Too much of anything will make your message harder to read. You want to make your message easily readable, as well as understandable. Proofread it to ensure it make sense, and never assume the reader knows what you mean, always spell it out for them. The time it takes to proof and spell check is minimal compared to the lasting impression you will make if you don't take the time.

Take the time to send a reply.
Even when someone emails you something that doesn't need a direct response, follow up with them in a timely manner just to let them know you received their message. It’s amazing how often people will ask for advice, and not even reply with a short “Thank you” when they receive their answer. A simple message telling the sender is sufficient. And this lets them know you did receive it, that it didn't just get stuck in cyberspace somewhere.

If they didn't request it, don't send it!
No matter what you think may be acceptable, you cannot email someone about your product/service without their permission. Unless they request that you send them an email, or you have previously done business with them, then it is illegal to send them an email, period. Any recipient can easily forward your email to their ISP and report you for sending unsolicited email messages (SPAM).

This report would result in the immediate removal of all your websites/email address from most servers. You would then join a list of “prohibited senders” meaning that servers would not allow any messages attached to your domain name to be received by their customers - the people you are sending your messages to.

You might be thinking, “but I get emails every day about products/services that I didn't request information about.” Sending unsolicited email messages (SPAM), is kind of like speeding. Lot's of people do it, but it is against the law, and no matter how long you may get away with it, you are bound to get caught!

Compress, Compress, Compress!
If you are sending an email with several large attachments, it is often better to send them in a few separate emails, so that you don’t send a document that is too large to even open. Or, you can try compressing your messages into a zipped file. It doesn’t reduce the size of images or pictures very much, but it works great for text, spreadsheet and program files. This is very easy to do, and will make your file size much smaller, and make the recipient much happier. Check out www.winzip.com (for those on pc).

Hoaxes as helpful hints.
If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Do not forward everything that gets sent to you. We've all seen them – the chain-letter emails that promise if you forward to x number of people you'll get paid, or you'll win something, or you will be lucky forever. It's all a hoax, a scam, and the only result is huge numbers of email transmissions that slow down servers all across the country. If you receive one of these emails from a friend, reply to them (in a very nice way) and explain to them why this isn't true, or ask them to stop forwarding them to you.

Virus, or virus advice?
Many viruses are spread by email masquerading as warnings about – a virus! If someone forwards you a virus warning, which usually contains instructions for removing a virus from your computer... check google.com for that virus BEFORE doing anything. Chances are, it's also a hoax, and if you do remove that "bad file" from your computer, you're actually removing a necessary component crucial to your system!

Wow, that was a lot of information to take in at one time, but I congratulate you for sticking it out and reading the entire article. Please share it with your family, friends and colleagues.

Kamis, 16 September 2010

Elements of a Successful Payment Page

In an interview with Jonathan Hedvat, President of FashionJobsCentral.com, Hedvat stressed the importance of a well designed payment page.

The payment page is where your customers pay. It is just as important as your homepage or any landing pages you might have. I see the same mistakes on different payment pages all the time. When designing the page, I think most people tend to forget that the goal of the page is for the user to pay.

K.I.S.S. Keep it Simple Stupid. You have already sold an item to all the people on this page, now let them pay! There’s no need for fancy graphics or animations, leave those on the selling page. You don’t want to sell your customer again, because that would be giving them more reasons to not pay. Any change in color themes, fonts, text size, or logos can also change how the customers see your product. Make sure you keep everything consistent.

PHONE NUMBER Depending on your customers, pretty often you will get one or two customers who do not trust the security of the internet and would much rather pay over the phone. Make sure you have a phone number visible on the payment page. Or better yet, get a 1-800 number if you want to look more reputable.

SECURITY As mentioned above, the security of a page is necessary for your customers to trust your payment page. Make sure your page is secured (URL begins with “https”). If you want to gain more trust from your customers, consider getting Verisign or TRUSTe.

DON’T LET THEM LEAVE Simple probability tells us that the more links you have on a site, the higher the chances of any one of them being clicked. But in this instance, you want your users to pay, so take out all your links except for the one needed to process the payment. If you have information on return policy or terms of agreement on a link, I would suggest you to put it in a text window within the payment page to avoid the users clicking anything at all except for the “Pay” button.

Rabu, 15 September 2010

Electronic Message Boards – How To Use Them

When we talk about electronic message boards, there are actually a lot of definitions that may fit to the term. Some people considered the electronic message boards as simply internet forums participated by people working in the electronic field. Others also define the term as those message boards that display messages or announcements for the students in schools; those that display the prices of the items sold in stores; or those that display the hymns for the church people. Well, in this article, I will talk about electronic message boards that are simply internet forums.

There are a lot of electronic message boards or forums available online these days. These forums primarily serve as a great place for people who share the same interest in electronics to meet and chat, and make friends. Also, the electronic message boards are a great place to learn. It is where the newbies and the experts in the field of electronics exchange thoughts, comments, advices, or recommendations. And, what makes it really a great place to learn is that you can post questions about machinery, equipments, and components for the electronic industry, and receive answers from the expert members of the board. You may even meet people from different areas in the world through these electronic message boards.

So, the question is, are you interested to find at least few of the well-known and safe electronic message boards to discuss everything electronics? If your answer is affirmative, then this page is no doubt for you. I have mentioned below a few of the most visited electronic message boards online.

Instrument Design Forum

This is the community that discusses issues and techniques relating to the electronics and physical details of designing instrumentation. Perhaps what is best about this electronic message board is that when you post a follow-up on the existing threads, their system will automatically send a notification to the person you reply to. Your follow-up therefore will not be missed, even if you post it long after the original message was posed. And, since this forum now contains a lot of messages, you are suggested to use to their site search for you to find those topics that you are interested to, thus saving your time.

Electronics Manufacturing and Automation Forum

This place is but a discussion forum designed for all those who are interested in electronics factory automation and process aspects. The discussion threads contained in this electronic message board were first opened in year 2000, and the threads are still open up to these days. Therefore, you can post follow-ups and make contribution to the knowledge base contained in the archives.
Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems Forum

Another well-known electronic message board is the Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems Forum (MEMS). What actually sets this forum unique from the other electronic message boards online is the fact that it limits its coverage on topics about polysilicon sensors, actuators, and microstructures. However, the members of this board can also discuss about bulk and surface micromachining technologies, fabrication process, and physical principles. Note that electronic message boards that tackle these topics are only few these days.

Selasa, 14 September 2010

Eight Steps To Guarantee A Successful Video Or Web Conference

A successful video or web conference can really give a boost to your organization. Online conferencing is now connecting people in a way that was not possible in the pre-Internet era. However, as powerful a tool as online conferencing is, it works best when you prepare your conferences properly. Here are some steps that you can take to help guarantee that your next video or web conference is a great success.

1. Make sure each of your attendees has enough bandwidth at his or her location.

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to watch a video online when you just don’t have enough bandwidth to get it all. If your participant doesn’t have enough bandwidth there will be latency delays and he or she will not be able to enjoy the experience or participate properly. The amount of bandwidth that is required varies from system to system and also according to what features you will be using during the conference. Features such as video, audio, screen and application sharing have different requirements. Check with your vendor or provider to find out what the minimum bandwidth requirements are, and then make sure each of your locations does indeed have enough bandwidth.

2. Test your web cameras to see that they are working properly.

If video will be involved at any of the locations, make sure that the location has tested their camera to ensure that everything is working satisfactorily. Ideally, all cameras should be tested from within the video or web conferencing system that you will be using. A camera that is working fine in one application may work differently within another system. Check it in advance so that you will not have any surprises on the day of your conference.

3. Check your sound equipment in advance.

If VoIP (audio) is going to be used from within the meeting itself, make sure that all attendees have the right tools needed, whether these tools are microphones, headsets and speakers.

4. Supply your participants with proper access information in advance of the conference.

If audio will be conducted via an audio conference call, make sure all attendees have the access number to dial into and the PIN (Personal Identification Number) they will need to access the call.

5. Conduct a “trial-run” of your presentation prior to the conference date.

The presenters or leaders of the conference should practice in advance. If a presentation will be involved, make sure that whoever will be presenting any material has tested this part of the video or web conferencing system. The presentation that is to be used should be demonstrated to another party BEFORE the date of the actual meeting.

6. Supply web access information to your participants well in advance of the meeting.

Make sure that all of your participants know how to access the video and web “conference room”. Send an e-mail "link" to each participant well in advance of the meeting so that they will be able to easily access the meeting when the appropriate day and time has arrived.

7. Get as much training as you can in the video or web conference system that you will be using.

The host should be very familiar and comfortable with the video or web conferencing system they are going to use. If training is offered by your vendor or provider, then take advantage of this in order to become more familiar with the system. Familiarity with the system will help you to host a flawless meeting or conference.

8. Conduct a test meeting prior to the big event.

Most importantly! Conduct a test meeting or two before the day of the "big" meeting. Tests will help you eliminate as many surprises as possible before you gather all of your attendees. A meeting free of technical glitches will go far to help you achieve the goals of your conference.

The key to a successful online conference, whether it be a web conference, a video conference or a combination of the two, is preparation, preparation and preparation. The more you prepare and the more you practice, the better your online meetings will be.

Senin, 13 September 2010

Ecoupon Shoppers

Coupons have always been a large part of everyday life for various individuals. Over 71 million Americans use coupons, and there is no set age or income level among these “clippers”. Coupons not only help to save money, but they also help market researchers decide what items are bought more frequently, they assist in determining the needs of a demographic area, and they promote and advertise business. So what happens when the coupons are being rejected in stores?

From the first coupon in 1894 to the last one used, coupons help people save billions every year. Now, with the Internet, people don’t have to sift through mounds of catalogues, magazines, and sales papers to find coupons for the items they need. They only have to find the coupons online that they wish to have, print them, and use them in stores.

But what risks are shoppers taking when they print coupons from their computer and go shopping? Surprisingly, it could land innocent shoppers a hurricane of trouble, or maybe just a downpour of disappointment. Recently, more Americans are finding that a number of grocery stores and other retailers refuse coupons printed from Internet websites.

While innocent, debutante Internet surfers print coupons hoping to save a few bucks on groceries, baby diapers, clothes, or other household items, other members of the online community are manipulating the coupons, then releasing them to the unsuspecting public. Shoppers would then attempt to use the coupons on common household brands such as Snuggle and Ball Park, only to find that their coupons were fraudulent. This could cause the shopper embarrassment at the least, and perhaps an investigation if there is reasonable suspicion about the origin of the coupons.

With the Internet being so common in this new millennium, it didn’t take long for people who were experienced with graphics to figure out how to create coupon scams with computer software and imaging tools that are so readily available on the market. With some simple image altering, copying, pasting, and creative web design, one individual could put hundreds, maybe even thousands, of innocent people at risk.

When people surf the net, their computer information, such as the IP address, is submitted to the websites. Sometimes, websites can gather information from the computer with the help of invisible spyware or ad ware. If a scammer is running the website that an individual is printing coupons from, it is possible they may be attacked by these “insects” of the cyber world and their passwords, credit card numbers, and personal information can be gathered by the scammer. Identity theft, unauthorized purchases, accounts drained - it can all happen as a result.

Even though the printing of invalid online coupons is hurting shoppers, it rarely impacts the demographic marketing researchers and statistics. When a valid coupon is printed and used, it still contributes to the analysis of the area that it is redeemed in. For instance, if an individual from Houston, Texas prints a valid coupon from a provider in Kentucky, then uses it in Austin, the item represented by the coupon is considered an item sold in the demographic region of Austin.

So shoppers beware of the Internet for your coupons! You could be one of those whose coupons are rejected at the checkout!

Minggu, 12 September 2010

E-Cards: The New Online Craze

As the Internet continues to grow in use and popularity among individuals of all ages, genders, and races, it is only natural that certain unique offerings from online would grow in popularity, as well. E-cards are a prime example of this. While there are plenty of websites that sell e-cards on everything from holidays, to basic jokes, to even customizable messages, there are just as many websites that offer free e-cards. As long as you have an e-mail address, you have the ability to send a friend or loved one an e-card for free. Increasingly, this is an offer that is becoming harder and harder to refuse.

E-cards are coloful, can include music and animation, and include a large variety of subjects that may not be covered by Hallmark or the other major card companies. Being the Internet, there are plenty of “racey” or “gag” cards as well, which are finding large popularity with college students, and increasingly, even their parents. There are e-cards from everything from the sad (funerals, loss) to religious (Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu—you name it, if its allowed you can find it) to the irreverant. An additional popularity of e-cards is the number of cards that are just there. There are thousands of choices for cards that are just to say hello. A person can even find a card that is nothing but background, and put their own custom message in. The options are literally nearly endless.

An odd, almost funny (as long as you’re not receiving it) new use of the e-card was found by Hallmark Greeting Cards, of all people. A recent study they conducted found that e-cards were sometimes used by men, and even more often by women, to attempt to maintain an on-going romantic relationship. The report found that almost half of women who used the Internet frequently apologized over e-mail, often times as an e-card. The general consensus was that a really nice card could be sent to give an apology that was too difficult to make in person. Unfotunately, there were also about 1 in 10 peope who responded by sending an e-card informing the individual that they were now offically dumped. Harsh.

One college student who was surveyed gave a very simple and common sense answer as to why e-cards were becoming so popular. “You can spend twenty minutes on-line and send cards to thirty different people.” Definitely saves the money and the time come finals week, and the increasing trend towards e-cards in lieu of greeting cards continues unabated.

Sabtu, 11 September 2010

E-Business: The Internet Shell Game

Step right up, folks. Here’s your internet success story. Here’s the cheap web host, “Cheapie.” Here’s the Get Rich Quick promo, the “GRQ”. And here’s the optimization guru, “Guru”. Let me shift them around like so. Choose one for your internet success.

Cheapie? That’s only $4.95 a month that you can lose. Plus hundreds of hours and months and months of your time figuring out how to set up a web site and make it successful. No thank you.

GRQ? It’s a great idea. But ask for a list of 100 or more verifiable success stories, preferably before you sign up. Oops – there are none? Surprise, surprise. The GRQ promo is particularly depressing because it appeals to the unsophisticated internet user via massive advertising campaigns.

So Guru must know something. “Divide your text by 8.63, add a factor of keywords equivalent to the density of Mars in the first quadrant, and voila!” Failure, total failure.

How do I know? I’ve tried them all. I’ve spent more money on the internet shell game than I would admit to anyone. None of them work.

Like you, I would like a really super easy, super cheap, super quick way of making my millions on the internet.

Well, it just doesn’t happen like that.

Developing a successful web site business is a lot of work. You will need to

(1) Identify a profitable, interesting topic (It has to be interesting because you’re going to spend a lot of time with it);

(2) Line up 50-100 strong keywords;

(3) Write several dozen search-engine friendly pages;

And the real zinger:

(4) Promote it effectively.

Along the way you will need to analyze competitors’ sites, track down visual content, study key word lists, learn about links, prepare for blogs and e-zines, become a site designer and a prolific writer.

It’s just not “easy”. Anyone who tells you differently is lying.

But is IS exciting, rewarding and fun. There is an immense sense of satisfaction watching your site climb in the rankings to reach the top 1% of all websites. I know – I’ve been there, too.

I don’t have an “allie-ka-zam” to make your website be successful, or even to appear. But I have the next best thing: a free ebook and free search program that will track down valuable information very quickly, no matter what your topic.

Do you need to know what keywords your competitors use? It’s covered.

How about the back links to your site, or to your competitors’ sites? It’s covered.

How about finding free and inexpensive photos and graphics. It’s covered.

So are statistical sources, tools for searching across all major search engines at once, foreign language searches, meta data searches, web site names, keyword popularity tools, and a lot more. Over 100 searches in all. Pick and choose which ones you want to use, and use them again and again. All free.

Why do I offer this? Because your success is good for my business. When your business is successful, you will come back wanting a business plan to raise financing, and that makes my site very successful. (This is one of the ways I got to the top 1% of all web sites: I give away information.)

There’s room on the internet for all of us. May we all be hugely successful!

Jumat, 10 September 2010

Ebay Seller Opportunity Tip - Dont Miss The Boat

Choices have to be made in life if you want to change the way you live and if others are doing this the Ebay way - then why not you.
Without doubt we all want the same things out of life and that being our health and money. Becoming an Ebay seller can give many folks the lifestyle they so much crave.

Ebay offers an opportunity to earn extra cash when it suits you. Unfortunately people shy away from the sheer thought of running their own business which is sad really. Hundreds of people are missing the boat by not looking into the Ebay opportunity that can change their whole way of life.

Becoming an Ebay seller is an option to be considered if you are seriously thinking on turning your life around. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain on top of the satisfaction of being your own boss.
If you have decided this is the route you are going to take to earn extra cash by becoming an Ebay seller then you have made a positive move in securing your future.
Remember to catch up on the basics on how to start selling by following the advice supplied by this most competitive market in the world.

Once up and running always treat your Ebay business as a business and conduct matters like a professional. Professionals in their Ebay empires are experts because they have had a lot more practice. So there is plenty of time to get to that stage. Never cut corners and operate on the cheap you are out to gain custom not lose it. Financial gains should be reinvested back into your business. This is how an Ebay seller will run his/her successful business.

When it comes down to promotional activities and advertising of your product/service you are sure of sales if done tastefully. Your product has to be described in the best descriptive way. Give your prospective customer a run down on every little detail on what you are selling this will make a huge impact on getting those sales.
Be friendly in your approach when dealing with potential buyers as you are looking for repeat orders. Try to simplify all correspondence like payment methods or even offer to help them if they are new and not sure of how things are done after winning an auction. Your customer will feel comfortable and begin to trust you as a worthy Ebay seller with your offer of assistance. Because of how you handled and conducted the sale along with your friendly approach just may have secured your self a regular customer.

Firstly start building up a reputable reputation - this will have your feedback scaling to enormous heights. People make judgement on the feedback scoring system of the Ebay Seller when buying. No matter how good your product and fabulous glossy photos appear - if feedback is poor say through lack of communication etc, then say goodbye to sales.

Remember by becoming an Ebay Seller there are rules and regulations that you have to adhere to. The rules are there for the safety of the buyer and seller. It is a good chance you may not like or agree with a number of them - but remember it is in every ones best interest why these rules have been implemented.

One of the nice things apart from meeting friends from all over the globe on Ebay is instead of being part of Ebay you now own a share with your very own business empire.

Kamis, 09 September 2010

Ebay Auction Buyer’s Tips And Tricks.

eBay isn’t just an auction and a marketplace: often it can feel quite a lot like a game. Like any game, you can get ahead if you think strategically, using your head to outwit the other buyers and get the best price. Here are a few things you can try.

Shop in the Summer.

This is simple, but effective. Summer is the quiet season on eBay – almost everything sells for less. While everyone else is out enjoying the sun, invest a little time to find some real bargains.

Beat Them by a Few Cents.

Outbid people by a few cents instead of a few dollars – if they don’t check back before the auction ends, then you will be the winner. To avoid people using this tactic on you, though, always bid strange, hard-to-guess amounts instead of round numbers.

Play Dirty.

If you know when the auction ends, you can get in there at the very last second and outbid your rivals. The chances are that they won’t have the time to sit in front of the auction waiting for it to end – as a rule, he who stays wins. If someone else does retaliate at the end of the auction, though, try not to get carried away in those last few seconds and end up paying too much!

Take Risks.

This is a strategy for the braver eBay buyer. All of the advice you will see for eBay beginners tells you to buy items that have good pictures, clear descriptions, trustworthy sellers and all the rest. If you’re brave, why not take a risk and do the exact opposite?

Many buyers won’t want that item from the seller with a feedback rating of 5, no picture and a one-line description. If you take a calculated risk and bid anyway, you might be able to make a tiny bid and win by default. There are people on eBay who make their living from winning auctions like these, taking good pictures of the item, writing a good description and then reselling it at a huge profit. Be careful, though: do this for long enough, and you will inevitably lose your money at some point. It’s especially unwise to try it with very high-value items.

Avoid Bidding Wars.

There are few things on eBay that are so rare that you’ll only see them once and never again. There are usually quite a few sellers who have an item. What’s more, they will generally have more than one to sell, even if they haven’t listed them all at once. Always check your seller’s history to see whether they sell your item all the time – and if they do, then wait for the next one instead of bidding to the skies.

Now, there may come a time in your eBay life when you realise that you’ve screwed up your bid, and you wish there was an ‘undo’ button. Here’s the good news for you: there is! The next email will be all about withdrawing your eBay bids.

Rabu, 08 September 2010

E-Banks that Accept US Casino Players

Recently, the US Federal government banned online casinos from operating in America by making it illegal to transfer money to them through any US bank or payment system. As a result of this law, most of the popular online casino networks such as Party Gaming and PlayTech left the United States. Overnight, online casino players found themselves being chased by the Federal government.

But, after a fortnight, the online casino industry came up with a solution and new online casinos started taking root. These began to operate under a different business umbrella, and by doing that, rendered the transfer of money to and from them legal. A major part of this was enlisting electronic banking systems that would accept this new clarification and start doing business with me. Listed in this article are the electronic banking systems that accept players from the United States that wish to play in online casinos.

The Payment Systems You Can Use:
1, 2) MasterCard and Visa:
The most popular credit cards in the world, you can use these for depositing money into your casino account. But, please note that the casinos do not deposit your winning through your credit card. They use one of the other electronic payment systems. This is also the biggest reason why you should refrain from using your personal credit cards today for gambling.

3, 4) Visa Delta, Visa Electron:
These are debit cards that one can use to deposit cash into their casino account. By debit card, it means that the money you pay through the card, is immediately withdrawn from your bank account. This is a comfortable option, but here too, you cannot receive money into it.

5) Neteller:
Based in the UK and traded on the London AIM Stock Exchange, this e-bank company is one of the major independent electronic banking entities in the world, and it allows players to transfer money to and from an online casino.

6) Neteller Instacash
This is Neteller's version of the Debit Card, and, in fact, it is just like any other debit card with one difference. To use, InstaCash, you have to pay a small amount. But, most casinos will offer to pay this for you, so read their regulations.

7) EcoCard
Based in the European Union, EcoCard offers a wider range of electronic banking solutions than the other e-banks. Other than the regular card and debit system, you can decide beforehand how to create a flexible financial account. Because they use a wide network of banks in Europe, transactions made through EcoCard are quick and efficient.

8) FirePay
This e-banking system is solely web-based and carries out its transactions just like a debit card. You place cash into your FirePay account, and then, you can use that money to pay or deposit into your casino account. While it will not cost you a dime to open an account, you will be charged a minimal amount each time you transfer money from your bank account to FirePay.

9) Moneybookers
All you need to open an account is an email address! This e-banking system uses transactions from your credit or debit card or your bank account to whichever company you wish to move your money to. Regulated in the UK and run by Gatcombe Park Ventures Limited, this is one of the relatively new e-finance companies that allow transferring money to online casinos.

10) eWalletXpress:
Owned and run by Navaho Networks Inc, eWalletXpress is a new electronic payment system that has been created to answer the need for US players to transfer funds to online casinos.

11) 900Pay:
This is a completely different e-banking system. Instead of charging your bank account or your credit card, 900Pay charges your telephone bill for all your financial transactions. This is one of the fastest methods of electronic payment because you do not have to go through a long and detailed sign up process. And, if you were wondering, this does work to fund your casino account.

Selasa, 07 September 2010

Easy Games to Play for Fun

Get acquainted with a practical guide on the easiest games that you can play online. And once you read this article, you will find that you have at least stopped losing all your money. If you follow the advice well and to the dot, you will also learn how to start winning cash from other players or by beating the casino. Sounds interesting? It is.

Note that the games you must look out for are those where the house edge is very low. If these are hard to find at the casino you have entered, look for those games that depend more on skill than on luck. Some of these include blackjack and poker. The games to avoid because they depend solely on luck are any of the slot machine games such as Caribbean Stud or the regular or progressive slot jackpots. These rely only on luck and the house edge there is against you.

What is a House Edge?
Since the casinos and betting establishments are in it for making money, they have created an artificial method to gain leverage over the players. This is what they have termed house edge. What it means is that over and above what you win, the casinos deduct a certain amount for themselves. It is something like insurance but only for them and not for you. But the casinos do not actually do this. Instead, they have inserted these odds into the game winnings so that you do not notice it. When you win, you are paid according to the newly calculated odds and you are no wiser.

For instance, if you walk over to a casino and place a bet of ten dollars on a roulette table. (For arguments sake, let us also suppose it was an American roulette table.) If you win, you should be given three hundred and seventy dollars because the true odds is thirty-seven to one. Instead, you will only get three hundred and fifty dollars according to the odds of thirty-five to one. This is what I was referring to in the previous paragraph. What has happened is that you have lost twenty dollars to the casino as part of the house edge.

Playing Poker:
Pick and play this exceptional game because ,here, you are not competing against the house at all. It is other players like you who you are up against. Do battle against them and defeat them for cash. No house edge comes in the way here, but you do pay a small part of the money you win to the casino as a commission. This winning commission is called rake, and its so minute that you do not feel it pinch your pocket.

In addition, this is one of the best games to play if you are good at it and if you have razor-sharp skills. You will be able to mint money like crazy if you can read other expressions and count the cards well. You can also pick from a variety of game variations such as Red Dog Poker and Texas Holdem.

Playing Blackjack:
This is one of those games that the casino does not like you playing. If it was up to the betting establishments, they would remove these tables altogether. Why? Because the edge for them is only a half percent! Thus, is you play well by remembering that you have to beat the dealer and not reach 21, you stand a big chance of accumulating a large sum. I also suggest you brush up on your mathematical skills.

If you wish, learn how to count cards, but be careful. Because card counting works, casinos have banned it. All you have to do is count the colored cards (the cards that are ten and above). Then, it will be easier to decide which bet to make and which not to make. Practice again and again at home because you not only have to master this skill but you also have to learn to do it silently so that the casinos do not catch on.

Video Poker:
This is a game very much like one of the many regular and progressive slot machines games you will run into at a casino, but it is different. Unlike slots, skill plays a big part in the results, and thus you have a bigger chance of winning than at one of the slot machines.

But, before you begin, glance at the payment structure pasted on the machine. You should make your gaming decisions based on the house odds and payment structures of the machine.

Senin, 06 September 2010

Easier Way To Make Money Online!

There have never been more people online with the desire to earn money then today.

The big questions have been the same since the start and will not change in the future.

How to make money online.

The answers have been as many as the starts in the sky, but the biggest problem is that most of them never work for more then a few persons.

How can you make money online?

Some of the ways to make money online (according to those who try to sign you up) are,

• Autosurf (let your browser get lost by itself online)
• Read email (add a couple of more emails to the daily spam and get a couple of cents each)
• Chain letters (send $10 to these 3 and put yourself on the list …)
• Paid Surveys (this actually works, when you get any surveys, and you live in a place where you are allowed to take it)
• Ladders of all kinds. (Most often works like a chain letter). The only guaranteed winners are the first ones to sign up.
• Safe lists. Mail anything to millions and they will buy?

The list can be made a mile long.

Are there a better way!

The proven way of earning money works. Get a domain name, build a web site, join affiliate programs and start catching visitors to your site and enter them into an auto responder series.

Sounds good doesn’t it?

But the problem is that you do not have a clue about registering a domain name, building a website, writing ad copy, finding products, using an auto responder, getting the traffic needed and so on.

So what should you do?

How about letting somebody else do the work for you!

Would you like to test-drive a 3-step money making formula today and get your very own fully automated e-commerce website setup with all the bells and whistles that is ready to accept online payments and make money online for you from all around the world, 24-7-365?

This is the next generation of online moneymaking and it will make it possible for anyone without prior knowledge of internet and online marketing to actually make money online.

A completely new breed of business opportunities have emerged the last couple of years. Optimized websites with affiliate programs built in. Pre written auto responder series with your affiliate id’s automatically inserted. Pre planned ways of getting traffic and behind it all supports, setup and everything else you need.

So why not start earning money online today?

Minggu, 05 September 2010

Earning an Income Online - The Smart Way!

Many people come online for the sole purpose of seeking out a way to earn an income online? Can it be done, seriously? Of course it can.

Thousands of people are doing just that. You can find lots of tutorials out there (free and paid) that give you the nuts and bolts about earning an income online.

I'm going to go a somewhat different direction in this article.

What many people try to do is set up their business like a traditional business. Perhaps they want to have consulting service. If they are graphics designers, they set up a graphics shop. If they are gardeners, they set up a gardening service online.

But there are a few problem with the traditional approach.

* No momentum. You stop putting in effort. Business dries up. No one really cares if you're gone. There's always someone else ready and eager to take your place in the niche.

* You have to do it all - all the time. Each new client needs to be given your full time and devotion.

You should consider enhancing your business with methods and tools that will let you overcome these two problems.

You may have heard that you should start building a list of people who desire to receive your emails.

The reason you want to do this is so they can buy your products or service you have for sale. Additionly, if you do it correctly, you'll build relationships with people on your list.

This in turn will let you not only sell to them, but open opportunities, perhaps, joint ventures, or help you solve a problem, etc.

Here are a few recommendations for doing this the right way:

#1 - Use a good sequential autoresponder to automate and manage your list. There are a few good autoresponder services available. Two of the more popular are:

Aweber http://www.trinale.com/recommends/aweber.php

GetResponse http://www.trinale.com/recommends/getresponse.php

If you want total control, you can purchase the software, install and maintain your list on your own server. I personally use:

AutoResponse Plus http://www.trinale.com/recommends/arp.php

#2 - Create or get rights to an autoresponder series that combines both information and a sales pitch for a single product. Don't mix up a lot of different products or you'll dilute the power of repetition.

If you're no good at it or if you are nervous about writing, you may have to farm out the task. You can go to a website like Elance to find someone willing to work with you at very reasonable rates.

Freelance Writing http://www.freelancewriting.com/elance/

The autoresponse series automates the building of a relationship between you and the people on your list. Once it concludes, you can either start it all over again, or you can simply send them periodic emails that relate to the same topic.

Advanced hint: you can combine several series sequentially. For example, emails 1 - 5 could be about product #1. Email 6 could tell what you just covered and set up Emails 7 through 15 that could sell product #2. Email 16 could set up selling product #3 and so forth.

#3 - Sign up with various affiliate programs that YOU have reason to like. It is a must that you respect these programs or it will come back to bite you in the long run. Your credibility is at stake so do your homework here. Now as you sign up for these, you can incorporate them into your AR series.

#4 - Similar to #3, sign up for various multi-level programs. Again, make sure you like and respect them or your credibility is sure to suffer. The beauty of these programs is that you begin to leverage the work of those who sign up under you (your downline). If you attract go-getters, this can pave your way to a very impressive passive income.

Once you have at least the first two items in place, you can now start promoting your site. You'll need to come up with reasons for people to sign up for your ezine, but that subject (copywriting) is beyond the scope of this article, and we'll cover it soon in another email.

As people sign up for your list, they'll start receiving your series. You won't have to mail them individually. They'll just plug themselves in and the system does the rest.

The power of this system is that while you do a good deal of work to get it set up, once it is set up, you should have very little to do, other than to tweak it here and there to make it perform better.

With the time you will eventually get, you be more able to promote your site. And as people get into your funnel, you start making money.

Then you can begin tweaking your sales copy, increasing the effectiveness of your ads, and more.

Do this and you'll enhance your business far beyond the traditional ways. You'll generate momentum that persists even if you take some time off, you'll automate the building of relationships with members of your list, and you'll be able to build on what you've got.

Sabtu, 04 September 2010

Earn Money: Different ways to earn money online

Money is not only a need, but also a way to satisfy various desires like travel around the world and visit gambling states like Las Vegas. There are lots and lots of ways to earn money online, some ones better than others. If you can not hire an expert, we will try to tell you in short the best way to do it legally and hence make your dreams something real.

Paid for reading emails is a safety way to earn money online. There are different sites on the web that pay for doing this. These sites will pay you from $ 0.01 US dollars to $ 0.5 US dollars per email. But you can not believe everything. There are some sites that offer $ 1 US dollars to $ 500 US dollars, but they are scams and will not pay you any cent.

Answering online surveys is other way of getting money fast and easy. You will have to fill out surveys that sometimes may be long. There exist survey sites where you have to earn points and then exchange them for cash money. Some survey sites pay $250 per survey, but the tricky thing is that they ask you to buy the survey first (absolutely not recommended).

Other way to earn money online is to sell things on Ebay. A lot of people do this, because is the easiest way to earn money online forgetting problems associated to if the site is believable or not. But how I said, a lot of people are doing it right now, so there are a lot of competitors playing the game. Your challenge is to do something a little bit different.

Affiliate to different sites is other way to earn money online (affiliate programs). Some web sites need to be seen by thousand of people because they will earn for that concept in the future. This system of making money online will pay per click or per sale.

However, remember the golden rule: stay away from high payouts unless there are proofs that they pay, otherwise you will loose time and time is money.

In short, if you are not making money, you are loosing money.

Jumat, 03 September 2010

DXCafés: The New E-conomy Is Coming

It seems they've been busy on the isle of Vanuatu ...

That's where a company called Global Digital Transfers Inc ('GDT') placed their headquarters for DXinOne, the e-currency exchange system that is the main topic on Longer Life's Opportunity page.

Since I last looked at the DXiO website, I've seen a number of new developments there, featuring services from travel to advertising with earnings and payments tendered by their unique coin of the cyber-realm, the digot. It's becoming quite obvious that they're not only easing a new e-currency into cyberspace, but an entire DXEconomy to support it. That's a very clever strategy.

Now, GDT is taking measures to ensure their presence in the physical world, too. They are introducing a bricks-&-mortar element to their e-currency exchange business, deploying franchises for what they term 'LDXMerchants' (The 'L' stands for 'Licensed') to be visible via storefront at a location near you. Their function would be to service high-volume transactions in a 21st-century banking sort of manner that is yet to be fully announced.

Furthermore, they intend to incorporate other DX services into those facilities, with the obvious intention of attracting more attention to their veritable range of operations. They're going to call these centers DXCafés. Fittingly, the flagship of this franchise will be located in Port Vila, the capital of Vanuatu. Such a choice not only displays respect for their host nation, it's also a relatively isolated --- and thus easily controlled --- site that will allow them to amend any aspect of its activities without drawing mainstream attention. This should increase their chances of presenting a more polished product to the world at large.

GDT has announced that their intentions will be uncompromising in their selection of global locations. They state that "We are currently working on several items that will help us present these establishments around the world, as taking short cuts will not be an option for us. The first task is to set a criterion, upon which the location of our DXCafés will be based. It is ideal that we use high traffic locations; airports, transportation terminals, accommodation, shopping centers or malls are all prime locations for us."

It's clear they're still somewhere in the planning stages when they state the basis of their deliberations when defining the characteristics of the DXCafés in these terms:

"Size of the DXCafés is also important; our designers have been working on several different concepts based on floor size. Whether as a full build or a new fit-out, a set criteria needs to be established. There is also nothing limiting us from having several DXCafés in the one city, each DXCafé may have a set coverage in regards to population, cliental and security."

However, most of these decisions must have been made already. GDT has announced that they intend to establish their first DXCafés outside Vanuatu during the months of April and May 2006 and have claimed they are currently on target to achieve this goal. To accommodate such a timetable, they say they have designed and commenced manufacture on the fit-out for the physical plants and prepared state-of-the-art computer components and technology for installation into each DXCafé.

High volumes of value are expected to be exchanged, so GDT will be requiring license agreements for each LDX/DXCafé proprietor. They will be private agreements designed for congruence with various countries' financial regulatory requirements. The license agreements are intended to ensure that all DX operations will be in accord with the needs and requirements of DXInOne and its users. The purchase price for an LDX/DXCafé license is yet to be finalized and will only be available upon request. I would anticipate this amount to be between $650,000 and $1,000,000 so as to ensure that only the most responsible and capable proprietors would be enlisted.

These are ambitious plans. I firmly believe there's a market for their services, so I continue to contend that DXinOne is worth our attention.

Very soon, it could be worth more than that. Much more.