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Linking From High Pagerank Sites The Easy Way

One of the components of getting traffic from the search engines is to have another site linking to you.

You want to get links from a site that is frequently visited by the search engine spiders. The spiders will crawl the site and find the link to your page.

To find sites that get visited by the spiders frequently, you can view the pagerank of the sites. I will not go into detail about how Google determines pagerank or even what pagerank is for brevity.

You can find the pagerank of a site by either installing the Google toolbar or visiting third party sites such as:

Sites are given pagerank between 0 and 10. A rule of thumb is that you'll want to get links from sites with a pagerank of at least 5. Those sites get visited by the search engine spiders at least once a day.

To get links from sites with pagerank of 5 you can send the webmaster a link exchange request, submit content for their sites or you can take the simple method as outlined below.

Ezinearticles.com is a site where people visit and submit their articles for other publishers to use as content on their sites. You can go there and sign up for free to submit your own articles.

If your articles are approved, then they'll be published on that site and you'll have a link to your sites. If you check the pagerank of http://Ezinearticles.com, you'll find that it's a pagerank 6 site.

Just recently, http://Ezinearticles.com has added a commenting feature where you can put comments about any article.

Here's how to comment on any of the more than 150k+ articles in http://EzineArticles.com's database:

1. Go to http://EzineArticles.com and find an article about something of personal or business interest you want to comment on.

2. Click on the "Comments" link directly under the TITLE of the article.

3. Add your Comment

4. Enter the CAPTCHA code to authenticate you are a human

5. Within a business day or so, your comment will be reviewed by a human editor that is part of their comment management team.

6. You will receive an email after your comment is approved.

Now you can get a link back to your site without having to write an article. Submitting a comment is only suggested if you simply want the spiders to crawl your sites. I still suggest writing and submitting your own articles for the full benefit of one way links to your site.

There are many sites that you can get links from without sending an email to the webmaster and waiting for a reply. You just have to keep your eyes open and be aware of each site's pagerank.

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