Senin, 27 Juni 2011

Locate People With Ease

Maintaining a good social circle is both productive as well as satisfying. I am sure there are some school and college friends you have kept touch with who still reply to your e mails and call up some times. Unfortunately, this is not the case with everyone. There are times, when we think of getting in touch with a certain person we new and it is almost impossible for us to find him. Using numerous ways electronic and physical, it is a snap to locate people today. With a personal computer connected to the Internet, everything is possible. Today's search technologies make searching for a person a breeze.

The first method that people turn to for locating people even today is through a mutual acquaintance. It is well known how powerful mouth to mouth information link is. If this friend fails to give the right then location, only then do people think of other means.

The next step an individual may take to locate some one is to find out the work place of the person he or she is looking for and inquire there. If this fails, then technology comes in. Internet yellow pages list hundreds and thousands of people’s names, e mails, telephone numbers and other details. This may be the next stop for locating a person.

Today all big companies have web sites listing the details of people who work for them. This might be another great place to peak into for quick and easy information.

The easiest way for me would be to use some of these new services like HI5 and Multiply. HI5 is a free service where you can invite and be invited to joined friend circles. Then through these circles, you can meet other people who are the friends of your circle members forming a huge chain. With search and a diary feature, this service is an excellent way to keep in touch and locate old friends.

Classmates and school friends, usually maintain a mailing list on free services like or If you get on board of one of these lists it is simple from there to locate the person you are looking for.

If nothing works, then the school alumni can turn out to be your best hope. They often keep track and store records on all students. This may be the best place to look for a friend if everything else fails.

With powerful record keeping abilities and searching technologies, locating people is not what it was 10 years ago. It is fairly simple and within a day of starting out you will be sure to find the person you were looking for. It is however necessary to understand and use the different services and techniques together to get a complete result.

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