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Name Squeeze Your Way To Big Profits

If you want to grow your prospect list to huge numbers quickly and easily, you need to be using the name squeeze technique.

There is traffic and then there is targeted traffic. Anybody can get lots of hits to their site. The trick is to separate the browsers from those that are actually interested in your product, service, or opportunity. An easy way to do this is to build a teaser page. This is a page with basic info about your product, service, or opportunity. It gives just enough info to make visitors want to know more.

How do they find out more? Good question!

You place a form on your teaser page that asks visitors to provide their name, email, phone number(s), or whatever info you want to know about them. When the visitor fills out a form they are directed to your main site, but now you have all of their info. This info can be immediately added to auto responders to continue to drip information on the visitor via email. You can ask for phone numbers and follow up with each visitor who requests info. Calling visitors back, in my opinion, is very key. It doesn’t have to be a sales call, but if you call to introduce yourself and let the visitor know that there is an actual person behind the site, it will go a long way to getting them buying into your products, services, or opportunity. You can collect their mailing address and send them printed material as well. Bottom line, is that you now not only have visitors, but you have leads. Targeted leads with email, phone, address, etc. that you can contact any way you like.

A better name for a teaser page, is a capture page. This is because it allows you to capture all of your targeted traffic info so you can follow up with them however you like.

The more quickly you follow up with your new lead the better. If you can catch them while they are still browsing your site, they will not only be amazed, but you increase your chances at turning this high qualified lead into an actual sale.

This name squeeze technique is an easy, inexpensive way to start collecting live, targeted leads that you can add to your contact list. Sales, whether it be a product, service, or opportunity is all about numbers. The more numbers you have in your contact list, the more money you will make in the long run. If those in your list are also highly targeted as the name squeeze technique helps them to be…..your income will skyrocket!

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