Kamis, 24 Maret 2011

The latest Internet Buzz: Keyword Sites?

Can you remember when the MillionDollarHomePage.com launched last year? Just a few days after the page got online, it received loads of traffic and soon became one of the sites on the internet! Thousands of people were visiting this web site because it was something completely new and totally different to any other site-concept before. Advertisers on the site received tons of traffic.

And because this seemed to be highly profitable, soon hundreds of so called pixel ad pages sprung up online to copy the success. We all know the story: only the first time movers got the big advantage in monetizing this new strategy.

Just right now there is a new buzz going around on the Internet that even seems to top the success of those pixel ad pages:

Keyword sites are popping up all over the internet right now.
Haven’t seen them?

Check this out for example: www.getyourword.com

Looks pretty simple, don't you think so?

Now here’s the secret behind those word sites (or word cloud sites, key word pages) - actually it’s not a secret just a proven proven fact: Image ads really do nothing for search engine indexing – but text links will do.

And that’s what these sites are built for: they will get you highly targeted keyword links to your websites. And as you know incoming keyword links are crucial for successful search engine optimization.

How do they work?

The keyword sites are a simple website containing a number of key words. Each word can be bought by you and so this word will become a text word link to your website. You can select various options when purchasing the text word, such as different font designs, bold or italic text and different colour choices. You have to pay a basic fee for the standard word and then additional charges are added for the different font, text and color options.

It’s as simple as that…

And keyword pages got another huge advantage over the pixel sites: Do you remember the mess of images, tons of sites being advertised on the pixel pages? You couldn't tell one ad from another. Keyword pages are clean, easy-to-read and practical. Just simplified.

I bet that these keyword sites will be the next big buzz on the internet advertising scene and that those who get in early and set up their own keyword site will make the big money. Just remember the success of the pixel ad pages.

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