Jumat, 19 November 2010

I'm Rich. How i make it?

Dear Friends,

Please take a few minutes to read thru my experience.It will change your life forever.

My name is Jason Ang and I am born and bred in Singapore. Having lived here for the past 32 years, I was educated in such a way whereby to be successful, you have to get a recognized qualification and then go down the path of million others who put in numerous hours a week to achieve a comfortable lifestyle and standard of living. Having gone thru this vicious cycle for 5years, I was starting to feel exhausted and depleted from this daily routine and I realized that I do not have the time and energy for my love ones and close friends.

My Story began in June 2003 when I came across a website that promise to show me how I can earn $10,000 a month. Immediately my guard was up as I was third time convinced to join 3 internet money-making programs which were a total waste of my money. I invested close to 500USD with no profits in sight!!

Being the curious me, even thou expecting another scam in the making, I browsed thru the website. Within five mintues, I was telling myself there's no way I would believe this piece of SHIT!again. But as I read on, I began to be more and more assured that the system being detailed might actually work, I found myself asking this question "What is this small anoumt of membership fee compared to the possibility of earning thousands of dollars every month? Well, I can sacrifice that, can't I?

So, after much hesitation....... I used my credit card and signed up as a member of the website. To my delight and surprise, I made back the membership fee within the first few hours and money has been rolling in non-stop ever since. Cheques are mailed faithfully without a hitch to me every 2 weeks.

Thank you Ultimale wealth.

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