Senin, 09 Agustus 2010

Discover how you can, with 3 simplest of tips, boost your Adwords click through rates and ultimately income!

#1 Headlines
Many Adwords users know its importance and how relevant it is to click through rates and ultimately – income. But how many of use actually spend a great deal of time perfecting it? Headlines are one of the most crucial determinate of success in the campaigns you run! I will let you in one this, one of the best ways to write a successful headline is to copy what others have done before! It is as simple as doing a search on Google.

#2 Ad Groups
How many of you actually create more then 5 ad groups for any give campaigns? Not a whole lot as expected. The purpose of creating Ad groups is its relevancy and intimacy to the keywords. What do I mean by this? Take for example, “soccer betting guides” and “bet on asian soccer matches”. These are 2 distinct phrases yet they are referring to the same product. If you group them under the same adgroup and dump all the keywords in, this would reduce click through rates and drive costs up. Instead set up an ad group just for “soccer betting guides” and in this group can be other words like “soccer betting tips” etc…

#3 Get Your Ad Bolded
This simply means including keywords which you added in your adgroup to your ad body. Taking the previous example, your ad body should have something like “looking for betting guides and tips?” So when users search for either the “soccer betting tips” or the “soccer betting guides” phrase they would see your ad in bold, making your ad stand out and increasing click through rates.

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