Senin, 24 Mei 2010

Buying Slippers Online Can Be Risky

These are strange new times. No longer do we need to actually send mail, get cash, pay bills with a check, or worry about getting lost thanks to recent advances in technology. In most cases, we need not even go to the store in order to buy the things we need. But when it comes to things like slippers, how does a person have any idea that they will get what they were looking for?

One of the biggest risks involved with online shopping is that you don’t get to actually see or touch what you are buying. Oh sure, you can look at the nice new slippers on the computer screen. Maybe they will put them on someone’s feet so you can get some perspective on their size and make sure people aren’t trying to sell you a pair of slippers that wouldn’t even fit a small child, let alone you. But at the end of the day, do you really know how those slippers will feel on your feet or if they will even really fit.

After all, not all companies size slippers, shoes, or even clothes in the same manner. What is a medium to one company might very well be a large to another. So, who is to say that the slippers will fit even though they are supposedly in your size? This is why you need to be sure and check out the return policy of any company before even browsing through their fabulous selection of slippers. If they don’t allow returns, move on to a company that does.

Companies need to be reasonable and expect some mistakes on both sides where sizing is concerned. A reasonable return policy that allows people to return merchandise that has been tried on but found to be unsuitable or just plain not what the person thought it would be when buying it originally. Be sure to find out who is responsible for shipping costs in the event of a return. Most companies will have a reasonable time limit attached to their return policy so be sure not to decide and return those slippers six months after you decide that you don’t want them!

Shipping costs should also be investigated before even shopping for your slippers. A good many companies will offer free shipping for purchases reaching or exceeding a minimum amount. Still, some retailers may try to mask high prices by selling slippers at seemingly low prices but charging high shipping costs. Understand the shipping policy and what it will add to the price of the slippers you are looking at so that you know the true price of the slippers before adding something to your virtual cart. By looking before you leap, you can still find a great pair of slippers at bargain prices by shopping online.

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