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Building Your Way To Online Success-Part 4

Just as a good business plan relies on a certain number of consistent factors to be successful, so too, does a well thought out and executed website. Your site can provide any personality you wish (i.e. fun, adventurous, touching, professional, etc.), but it’s important to tune your website to the frequency of both visitor and search engine.

For instance, if the purpose of your website is golfing, but the majority of your written material is about something other than golf it may likely provide a disconnect with visitors who are interested in golf (which is why they came to your site). Such a scenario will also reduce your ranking in most search engine results.

Search engines utilize “spider” technology that scrolls through your website looking for those things that connect the content of your website with the purpose of your website. The more often it finds words related to the intent of your site the greater your website will rank. In turn, your website will be seen more often by those using a search engine to find the products, services or information that you provide.

When writing content for your website you should map out applicable ‘keywords’ or ‘key phrases’ that make your site content relevant to your site purpose. So, using the golf example, you might write articles that focus on using keywords of key phrases such as golf, golfing lessons, golf instructions, learn how to golf, golfing videos, etc.

The relevance of your website is important to you, your visitor and ultimately the search engines whose goal is to provide their visitors with the most relevant sites available. Once you determine the target of your website you may wish to visit the following site to assist you in helping to determine which keywords or key phrases are best suited for your site.


The site above allows you to type in the keyword that best describes your site. In turn, it provides you with multiple keywords or key phrases that will assist you in crafting the most comprehensive content for your site.

If you have trouble writing applicable content you may wish to find a content writer who can assist you in research and writing. Hiring such a writer can add professionalism and comprehensive content to your site. Visitors should not be distracted by misspelled words and other errors and a professional writer can be a sound investment in your online objectives. Many qualified writers can also take your ideas and polish them up so you work in tandem with a writer in crafting highly specific content for your site. You should define for any writer you work with what specific keywords or key phrases you require. It may even be beneficial to create several articles that focus on one specific keyword or key phrase.

When adding content to your website, it is important to think ahead. Define your main pages then add simple navigation tools to each page of your site. We will talk more about this in our next article.

Important information should be easily accessed on your website. Visitors should be able to locate pages within two clicks of the mouse. Without navigational structure your content will essentially be useless to visitors who have difficulty locating the material they need.

The primary rule for website development is to ensure that your visitors can click back to the homepage FROM EVERY PAGE OF YOUR WEBSITE.

Please look for Part 5 of Building Your Way to Online Success.

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