Kamis, 24 November 2011

Good Shopping Cart Scripts

You may be wondering what a shopping cart script is, could it be a script for a movie about shopping carts – not likely. Scripts track what a consumer chooses to buy from your online store. The scripts will track their choices all the way through to the checkout process. Often online consumers think that the shopping cart is a neat little icon that holds all their purchases until they are ready to checkout – just as they do in a real store but this is not the case. The shopping cart icon is used as the first part of the financial transaction. Then a gateway will send the information to the area where the customer will pay for the items that they have chosen. This process is completed through a secure connection.

The payment gateway will then send the requests, which have been processed thus far along with various other transfers throughout the financial networks as necessary. This includes the Internet merchant account that your bank has with the online store. When this is completed, the gateway will then send confirmation or denial to the shopping cart software. How do you know which shopping cart package is appropriate for your business? There are literally hundreds of packages to choose from, searching through them all can be time consuming as well as confusing, and then it may become more difficult to determine what is best for your online business.

Free or Premium Shopping Carts:
Before you begin to look at what is available make sure you have a clear idea of what it is you want the shopping cart to accomplish. Look at your online business and the products you are offering. If you are just beginning, you may not need all the fancy extras that come with a high-end shopping cart package. If that is the stage you are at in your business, you may want to consider a lower end package. However, remember, nothing is ever truly free is it? Always read the fine print and acknowledgments before you decide on anything.

Free e-Commerce Solutions:
Paypal is a great e-commerce solution. The services that Paypal offer have become quite popular among the Internet businesses. Paypal integrates the necessary shopping cart functions with the payment gateways and includes the merchant account. This is very convenient. The drawback is that your consumers are required to use Paypal and become Paypal account holders, this is not difficult because when they purchase your product they will automatically be taken to a page that will have them set up their Paypal account. The only cost to you is a small percentage that is taken out of each transaction and you pay no monthly fees for this service.

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