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Saving With Coupons: Brand Loyalty Can Pay Off

There are a lot of discount stores these days, and more and more store chains are making their own brands of products that are often less expensive than traditional brand names. If your family prefers name brand items though, your favorite brands may be willing to help you out with coupons, free samples, or other special offers to keep you coming back. Here are some popular brand name items and ways you can save with them.

Luvs (diapers and wipes) frequently has coupons in Sunday paper circulars. In addition, if you go to their website at http://Luvs.com, you can register to receive emails about special offers and occasional free samples. They also have a monthly sweepstakes to win a month’s supply of free diapers. If you have twins (or more), they will send you a package of coupons for their products.

Proctor and Gamble has a wide array of familiar brands, from Folgers to Charmin. At their website, http://PG.com, you can find information on coupons and special offers. At any given time, there are usually a couple of free samples that you can request. You can find out if your local paper carries the Proctor and Gamble brand saver coupon circular, and find out what products are featured in that week’s circular. There are also contests and giveaways, and articles with tips on taking care of yourself, your home, and your pet.

Colgate Palmolive is another brand behemoth, with products for health and hygiene, home care, and pets. Internet coupons for many products are available at their website, http://colgate.com. If the stores where you shop don’t accept internet coupons, they also have coupons in Sunday circulars. You can also find special offers on the website. Like other sites, you can sign up to be notified by email about special offers, sweepstakes, and savings.

Kimberly-Clark makes products like Depend undergarments and Cottonelle bathroom tissue. While it takes a little longer to find on their website than some others, there is a section of their website at http://Kimberly-clark.com where you can go to the sites of individual brands and print out internet coupons or enter to win free products.

Basic common sense says most companies want to keep your business and wants you to try new products and their other brands that you may not currently be using. Just put your favorite brands in your search engine and you can be on your way to saving money and keeping your family happy at the same time.

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