Sabtu, 27 Agustus 2011

The Good And Bad Of Chat Rooms

The rise of the internet has given people of all ages the abilities to communicate with friends and to make new friends in many easy ways. People can send emails, start a blog, or create a personal webpage to keep people connected to the happenings of their life. Chat rooms have become another main way that people communicate and build relationships with one another. And like any source of connection and communication, chat rooms has both pros and cons.

There is no denying that chat rooms are a great way to meet people. You simply log in, enter a chat room and begin having conversations with other people in that are logged in. You can initiate conversations with people or they can initiate conversations with you. Sounds harmless, right?

Chat rooms can also be great to connect with people with whom you have things in common. Chat rooms are created for people with certain hobbies, beliefs or lifestyles. People who love to cook can certainly find chat rooms for others who love to cook and teens who love to skateboard can use chat rooms to find other skateboarders.

Chat rooms have their dangers. Because all you need to do in entering chat rooms is sign in, think about all of the people who can make up identities that are not their own. A ten year old boy can sign into chat rooms as a thirty year old mother of three. Or, worse yet, a sixty year old man can pretend to be twenty five and in search of the perfect girl. So while it is fine to enter chat rooms if all you are looking for is fun, do not let yourself get hopeful about meeting a new best friend or the wife of your dreams each time you sign into chat rooms.

Parents needs to be especially watchful about their children's habits on the internet. Monitor them carefully to see that they are not entering chat rooms that are inappropriate for their age and interests. Children are smarter than you think and more able to find their way to what they want online. Many parents would be shocked to learn the things their children see and learn on websites and in chat rooms.

So yes, chat rooms can be fun and harmless, but they can just as easily become dangerous and addictive. Know yourself and know your family members well before giving yourself or anyone else the freedoms to search the internet and spend time in chat rooms.

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