Minggu, 10 Juli 2011

Google Adsense: How Formatting And Color Schemes Can Make Or Break Your Click Count!

With Google adsense even the slightest adjustment on your website can make a world of a difference. Adsense requires little effort at all on your part, but the changes you can control can vary the amount of clicks you receive. That is why the formatting and colors you use for the ad will allow you to collect a higher income and raise your adsense revenue.

When placing the Google adsense it is crucial you place it directly in the heart of your content. You want the ad to be noticed but at the same time not take away from the content on your website. You want the adsense to compliment your content, not BE your content. Square and wide rectangular ads tend to fair the best and receive the most clicks for people.

You want to place your adsense above the main fold to maximize your clicks. The higher up on the page your ads are the more likely people will click on them. This is because not everyone reads all the content on your website, but by putting your adsense towards the top it is one of the first things they see.

Placing objects around the ads are a sure way to increase your adsense revenue as well. If you place images next to or above, the ads the images will draw the readers’ eyes towards your ads with more potential for people to click on them. You do not want to place too many images as this will drop the quality of your page, but placing one or two images will look professional and serve its purpose at the same time.

When adjusting the background color and border color of your google adsense box, you don’t want to make it stand out from the rest of the page. Have the background and border colors be very similar, if not the same color, as the background of your webpage itself. The color of the ad link URL should always be a lighter shade than that of the text. If the text is black then make your adlink a light gray shade. All in all your goal is to make the adsense have the same color scheme as your website has to help it blend in as oppose to looking like an ad that stands out.

It is important that you pay attention to the formatting of your Google adsense and maybe even adjust it from time to time. Make sure to keep records of how you fair as far as clicks go if you do make an adjustment. Testing will help you find what works best for your website. While it may seem like a very little adjustment on your webpage, it will ultimately determine how many clicks you receive. The formatting and color schemes you use are a vital aspect towards your success with adsense.

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