Jumat, 22 April 2011

The magnificent power of the press release

However large your company might be and whatever services or products it provides, it must always communicate with its customers. It should gain publicity and credibility. One of the most widely used tools to achieve this is advertisement. Nevertheless, one should not forget that however effective and appealing your advertisement might be, most of people tend to regard it as oversimplified and exaggerated statement. Really, in my experience, few of potential customers take your every word for its value in the advertisement. So how can you win the credibility of your company?! The credibility can be won if your statement is appeared in trusted and trustworthy information resources. Many research show that people trust more opinions of independent mass media and their representatives such as editors, journalists and radio commentators than the statements of salesmen and advertisement specialists.

The company can communicate with press by using press release service issued to mass media representatives. Press release services are one of the most effective means to gain the attention both of the public and press. How this statement should be written?! The most important point of the press release is its newsworthiness. If you organize some events, issue new products or start providing new services –than this is a sufficient ground for the issuing of the press release. The press release should be easy-to read and informative, it should not be confused with the advertisement. The press release should not be too long, neither it should be too short. One of the most important elements of the press release is its headline. The headline should grab the attention of the reader and provides your reader with the information on the purpose of your press release. The reader must know what your press release is about right from the start, from the first seconds of reading the headline.

Try to avoid using exaggerations. It might be difficult sometimes especially if the company starts providing new services or products. Remember that your story will be read by highly skeptical and even distrustful media representatives. They can be impressed only by true, credible facts rather than by the statements that might not correspond with the reality. If you follow these simple rules, than you will be able to write press release that will impress press representatives.

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