Senin, 28 Februari 2011

How To Get Paid To Play A Game

So you have enough spare time in the office, after school, or you have a couple of minutes to spare everyday? Believe it or not you can make money in your spare time by playing a simple game that's free to join.

How does the game work?

The game is online and features a simple web based click play style. You just click on the directions on where you want to go and there are actions per area that you're in.

For example, after moving to the right you land on a jungle. The available action is to search the jungle and more often than not you receive rewards for searching. When you land on a member base you can decide to attack it and steal money from them.

Some caves have special prizes too! I've heard of a member who was able to get an Ipod while searching in the caves.

Some Strategies

I recommend a good balance between spending for your upgrades and saving some for your Paypal or check account. When you spend for upgrades you get better offense and you can build a tighter defense for your base.

You can't go on and attack other people's bases(especially the heavily fortified ones) and I suppose you wouldn't want other members attacking your base without it having some sort of defense to keep your money in!

How do you get paid?

After every month, the remaining balance on your home base will be paid to you via Check or Paypal. The trick here is to be able to defend your base so that other people won't get your money! You can use your money to buy upgrades or transfer the funds to your paypal account or have them send it to you via check so you can spend it on whatever you like!
How much do to Join?

$0. It doesn't cost anything to join. You just join and play and play to earn. Upon joining, you get $5 in your balance for free!

How do I join?
Scroll down and look for the link!

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