Minggu, 06 Juni 2010

Can You Build An Opt-In Niche List With Adwords?

Something has really gotten under my skin, and I can't sit back and let it go any longer!

You see, people used to build e-mail lists in many niche markets through pay per click search engines such as Google Adwords. Now, Adwords has gotten a bit tougher to use, and thus, building an e-mail list in any niche market has become tougher as well...

...But it's still one of the best ways to build an e-mail list in any niche!

I repeat, pay per click (PPC) search engines such as Google Adwords is still an extremely effective way to build an e-mail list in any niche market.

Lets discuss why...

The main arguement is that these PPC's have gotten too expensive. Well, you can set a daily maximum spending amount in Google Adwords! If you can only afford to spent $5 a day, then you can set it so you spend no more than $5 a day.

Sure, your niche list will grow slower than someone spending $200 a day, but who cares! With the benefits you get from such targeted and responsive subscribers, you'll soon be spending $200 building your niche e-mail list as well.

Another argument is that it's better to spend money on Google Adwords becoming an affiliate for something and sending traffic directly to them.

Why not give them your left arm as well!

You're spending money promoting their niche product, why should they get the main benefit of the money you spend? And take a look at their site, almost all have some mechanism for collecting e-mail addresses.

You need a landing page that relates to your niche topic, that collects e-mail addresses, and the best way to advertise this page and get subscribers is through sites like Google Adwords.

Don't listen to people saying you can't build a niche e-mail list this way, or it's too expensive. It's not, and I do it all day in dozens of different markets.

Build your landing page, get subscribers, and give them great information and resources and they'll be your customers for life.

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